SWEPCO Update: Rolling Blackouts

SWEPCO has currently suspended Rolling Blackouts in order to protect the electrical grid. 

We will not be sending out a Press Release at this time but wanted you to be aware of the current situation. Southwest Power Pool (SPP) directed SWEPCO to eliminate load from the grid earlier this morning. Our efforts along with similar efforts from other utilities stabilized the grid and ‘load shed’ was discontinued.

As the cold weather continues to impact large sections of the country rolling blackouts could begin again at any time.  SWEPCO’s plan is to limit impacts to any area to an hour or less.  If rolling blackouts resume, there could be multiple blackouts during the day or night as required.

We encourage customers to continue to prepare for extended outages if the forecast ice storm impacts our area. Those dependent on medical devices need to have a plan or be relocated to a safe area.

Crews are currently working to restore customers impacted by rolling blackouts this morning as well as areas impacted by other outages overnight.