Boil Advisory: Waterworks District #2

Natchitoches Parish Waterworks District #2
PWS ID# 1069006

EFFECTIVE: February 17, 2021

Natchitoches Parish Waterworks District #2 has issued a Boil Advisory for the Water System due to the Distribution System experiencing low water pressure.

Because of this drop in pressure, the water within the system is of questionable quality.
As a precaution, Waterworks #2 is issuing a Boil Advisory until rescinded by the Water System. It is recommended that you boil water for a full minute before consuming including using for fountain drinks, brushing teeth, making Ice, or using for food preparation.


9 thoughts on “Boil Advisory: Waterworks District #2

  1. Notice all the quiet from our so called leaders. Bet they got water. Their job is to keep us informed. Other people are being paid to do the work not them. Maybe some info on their Facebook page or someplace else but we not getting it

  2. I wonder how frozen pipes leak. It doesn’t happen until they thaw and that might happen today. If any of you had the good fortune to capture some water in containers do you see the stuff that has settled out. You been drinking that. Has the water department thought about being proactive and look for leaks on citizens side of system while they are assessing their lines. I think it is more than frozen water lines on citizens side.

  3. When will the water be back on on Hampton rd.we hae had very low pressure fo a few days now it is off completely

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