Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Pioneer, Dead At 70.

Rush Limbaugh, the talk radio kingpin who invented the modern day conservative talk format and single-handedly revitalized AM radio in the process, has died after battling stage 4 lung cancer for the past year. He was 70.

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  1. Open comment to NPJ. Is there anyway to block this crap from my feed? A man just lost a battle with cancer and all some people can do is show their pettiness and hate.If you have no good thing to say about a man who has died, shut the fu*k up!! Wise man once said, “You can’t fix stupid, it is forever”. He said this in jest, but maybe he was correct. Mom told me, more than once, if you haven’t a good word about someone, keep your mouth shut and always find the good in them. That is getting harder to do with each passing day!

    • Rsa,

      Well stated, could not agree more. Did not realize there are that many unhappy deprived haters in our community. Americans lost a true patriot yesterday and his voice and wisdom will be truly missed. I’ve been a listener since the late 1980’s and will miss tuning in during my lunch break.

    • Your Cult Leader just tried to overthrow democracy on January 6, and he never could have been in the position to do that without 40 years of Rush’s lies on the radio to set the stage for the mayhem.

      Rush mocked dozens and dozens of people who’d just died during his show. You can check out my post on that on this thread. It was decades of hate speech on steroids.

      Now we Democrats are supposed to remain silent while posters here praise Rush as a patriot and a Christian role model?

      No thanks.

      • Well you democrats expect anyone not brainwashed by the idiots running the democratic to sit back and be quite about EVERYTHING!


  2. One of the greatest radio personality and conservative people of all time!
    President Trump cheated out of office and the death of Rush i think I might have to check back in the hospital. I bought a dog his name noodles and it’s cold here. My basement door won’t close. What times does Bonanza come on? I like soup.

  3. Rush Limbaugh celebrated AIDS deaths like it was his birthday. Anyone telling you not to dance on his grave has no humanity. I hope he suffered a lot.

    • One thing I heard tonight about Rush Limbaugh. Queen B, he would not have been afraid to confront you and you about what you think. He said he feared no one, and he would probably not fear you or anyone else dancing on his grave. But you do know that desecrating the final resting place, the grave of a man people knew and loved will only bring you or anyone else trouble. As for Rush, he probably would have laughed about what you said. He knew what he believed and he spoke up for what he believed, and he spoke to the people who believed like he did. You hated him, obviously, but he didn’t care because he knew it would come when he stood up for what he believed. You should be ashamed

      • You make no sense. Why should I be ashamed for what I believe in? I have every right to believe what I want as does your narrow minded self and Rush. You people are so full of double standards. Others are to be shameful yet people like Rush, Trump and yourself shouldn’t be. Rush hated a lot of people too but it’s acceptable to you because you and his other fans idolized him, like you all do with Trump, and you all latch onto these clowns out of your desperations to be heard even if it means dismissing things in their characters that you all wouldn’t dismiss in other public figures. I’m also like Rush and not afraid to stand up for what I think or believe in hence why I left a comment that does not acknowledge Rush as some hero or real lost to society. Ha, I stirred your cast iron pot right on up!! LOL!!!! Humanity is better off without people like Rush who was an extreme over the top conservative that got off on spewing commentary that was more negative in vibrational frequency for humanity than you can ever comprehend or grasp. Also, who are you to tell me how or what I should be ashamed of. People like you are toxic and downright funny because you all think you have a handle on your moral high horse compass and think you are better than others by simply being a so called conservative and Christian and veteran and Patriot and Republican and Trumpster to name a few of the labels highjacked by you and other whacks. I bet if I wrote something about dancing on (oh for shits and giggles I’ll use) Obama’s or Biden’s or Pelosi’s graves you would have not replied with some defensive stance. Thanks for making my night silly old white man!!

          • I’m just glad Rush wasn’t a bigot!

            He loved everybody–regardless of race, party, country of origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

            He was truly a devoted and even Christlike follower of the ethical teachings of the Man from Galilee!

            Pure love poured out of the radio every time he spoke!

          • Hi Beth, hope you are well and warm during this rare winter storm. Just wanted to comment that you are no better or less toxic of a person or else you would have not left a comment and shared judgement.

            ~peace, love and happiness

        • Queen B I think that MEWHP is a woman! I read all comments carefully and even though I don’t always agree with HER she have some sensitivities I only find in women! I may be wrong but I would bet on it! Mike Casey is a different story! Peace!

          • I have a question for you, or maybe three. Are you and queenie friends? Why on earth would you feel the need to start something up? I suggest you quit smoking the weed, it could very well be clouding your judgment. I have heard that it does things to your mind, and maybe you been hanging with the young chicks and smokin’ dope far to often to even be able to think straight. I think you are losin’ it old man.

            I have my doubts that you were ever a newspaperman. You don’t write like one and your powers of observation are not anything to brag about. You really think you are learning anything about women from the girls that say they smoke with you.

          • Hey Randy! We aren’t friends but if our paths ever cross I suspect we would be friends in no time. My cousin knows you from your newspaper days. MEWHP is totally missing out due to mental blocks that are keeping them from expanding as God created us to do. Such a beautiful world He on almighty has called us to live. Yeah, I know all about Mike Casey. Total classic southern white boy. Grew up on the same street as him…LOL!!

            ~Peace, Love and Happiness

          • Queen B so you know me,then you know I stand by what I say. I’m not PC i say what I believe and don’t apologise for it. I have my opinions and as of right now I have the right to say have i feel.

      • Well, now I’ve heard it all: Jesus is a Republican!


        Even more hilarious: the assertion that Rush was a Christian!

        • You are out of line and what you just posted pretty much proved my point that you are a man out of control. You are so full of hate, it is pathetic. You had no call to write what you just did.

          • When Rush went through Customs upon entering the Dominican Republic a few years ago he was found to have dozens of prescription bottles full of erectile dysfunction medication. The prescriptions were not in his own name. Rush had his housekeeper illegally get the prescriptions for him.

            But Rush was allowed to proceed into the island country, which is known as the “Sex Vacation Capitol of the Caribbean.”

            During the heights of the AIDS crisis, Rush read a list of the names of people who had died of AIDS on his radio show in a recurring segment titled “AIDS Update.” The segment was set to songs that mocked the dead by playing songs such as “Back in the Saddle Again,” “Kiss Him Goodbye,” “I Know I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” Rush played the segment for laughs.

            Rush Limbaugh mocked Eric Garner’s death, Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s cancer diagnosis, Kurt Cobain, people who died of AIDS, feminists, Civil Rights activists, and Native Americans.

            Rush was a birther, of course, repeatedly mocking President Obama as a “Halfrican American” who was born in Kenya. He also laughingly called Obama “The Magic Negro.”

            Rush was a racist, misogynist, sadistic professional liar. He made a fortune selling hatred to the rubes for forty years.

            Rush paved the way for the events of January 6, 2021.

            And don’t call what I’ve just written “hate”: every bit of it is true.

        • There are Christians reading the NPJ. When you make comments like you are making, Christians find it very offensive. But then it is your goal to offend everyone who does not follow the same party that you follow, right? But I think most of us would rather you not enter into making judgments on Christianity. I’m not going to say if you are a Christian or not, but be careful how you speak on these things. I know some will back up your right to do so, but do you really want to offend so many Christians. Come on now, show a little class in what you say. Leave God, Jesus and salvation out of your comments please.

          • It’s really pathetic of you to say I’m making fun of Jesus.

            I’m making fun of people who’re crazy enough to think Jesus would be on Rush’s side–or Trump’s side.

            Every word attributed to Jesus rejects everything Rush embodied. Check out the Sermon on the Mount.

            Right wingers don’t own the American Flag, patriotism, or Jesus.

        • I tried to stay away. But it looks like I am not finished.

          Stop joking about Jesus!!!! Isn’t all your mean name calling to other people enough?

          Opps I asked a question.

          You said I could not hurt your feelings. I was too much of a low life to hurt you. So what are the damages that I did to you in my posts? Your reputation? You are like me retired. Get over it..

          For the most part my remarks to you are from published sources.

          The only thing I am truly sorry for is that you will never change. I tried and tried. It is time to say the Serenity prayer and cut down what I say here.

          But I am not sorry for my beliefs and what I have stood up for. If you don’t like what I say, and I can’t hurt you, then just choose not to read it, or just lump it.

          • Old RN, I don’t know why some people just don’t understand why the bringing of God into all the hate they have is just not the right thing to do. You know we are told don’t do this and don’t do that for fear of offending another religion or even atheists. Then why is is ok for someone to judge whether someone they don’t know personally, then can sit at their computer and say that a person was or was not a Christian. You notice that I didn’t tell the writer who is so offensive that he was not a Christian. It is not my place to judge him on that matter, just as it is not his place to say yea or nay about anyone else’s Christian beliefs. .

            But Rodney Allen is so full of himself that he seems to think he can say anything about anyone and he is the complete authority on any subject brought up on NPJ. I don’t believe I have ever met anyone so full of themselves that they can’t even admit that they might not know something, or that they might have been wrong about someone. Then I met you and have endured your hateful snarky remarks to everyone on here who does not agree with you.

            I frankly am getting so very tired and wish that someone other that a few of us would let you know what they think of all your rhetoric. It is getting old, and basically at your age, Rodney, you should be a little more mature, and have a little more knowledge of people. You are basically clueless. I told you in what I thought was a very simple explanation why you were offending people, and you then proceeded to do your thing. I’m done with trying to tell you anything, because you don’t seem to be capable of any common sense thoughts or beliefs.

            The only reason you are on here is to insult people and stir up trouble. Don’t you think it’s time you quit acting like a spoiled child. Other people are entitled to their beliefs, despite what you think or believe. So until you get tired of insulting and go on back to chopping down Magnolia trees, I will leave you to insult me all you want. It does not matter to me, because you are one I hope never approves of me and what I believe. You don’t matter!

      • You must have him confused with someone else. I used to enjoy his show until he stopped being an entertainer and started taking himself too seriously.

  4. I hadn’t listened to Rush in recent years but I was a regular during the Clinton administration, when he would give Slick Willy and the Democrats the dickens every day.

    • Randy, but God gave Rush plenty of time to tell it like it is. Now maybe God will put a term limit on Pelosi and a few of her cohorts. We can at least hope.

      • Here the party of Individual 1 praises an individual that did absolutely nothing of benefit for America or Americans. Why is no one talking about the failures of the Texas government, Repub controlled that has failed Texans, Americans horribly. They sit in the dark without power, without water, literally freezing. (And there is still Covid.) They are burning their furniture, fences, to try to stay warm. It isn’t like the Gov’t didn’t have any warning that these storms were coming. I don’t get it. When will you care about people struggling to survive in a huge state that has all the energy, oil and gas (energy darlings) it needs..til it doesn’t. The only reason it doesn’t is because of the neglect, corruption and shortsightedness of the Republicans that are in charge there. I have family members there and there is nothing I can do. I’ve seen video of Texarkana, a 4 lane highway through town. The Arkansas side is cleared of snow. The Texas side is full of snow. I guess Texas Repubs don’t realize that seasons change.
        2022 is coming. Repubs pay attention. Dems are coming for your jobs. Fix this.

        • Why are you such a terrible person? For someone who is so high and mighty, you sure spew so much hate. You are no better than your “Individual 1” and the republicans you hate so much. You ever look in a mirror? I feel sorry for the people around you. You are literally the liberal version of Trump, the man you detest.

          • That’s a really unhateful handle you’ve got there, “F Vicki.”

            People who repeatedly use the word “hate” in posts are almost invariably Trump Stooges. They project their own hatred of liberals onto liberals. “Why are you such a terrible person” is a perfect example. It’s also the logical fallacy called “begging the question.” You should look it up.

            And while you’re at it you need to look up what “literal” means.

        • Only you oh special one would take away and go on a rant. Hey idiot this article is about Rush. Now, can you please have and utilize a little reading comprehension? In other words stay on track moron.

      • Hope you got some sleep, Lawyer?. I see you were still posting last night into the wee hours, so maybe you didn’t.

        Too jacked up, were you?

        As for me, I slept like a baby for nine hours.

        But I have good news for you this fine morning!

        I’m going to answer the most important “question” you’re always ranting about!

        Here’s the way your “questions” always, always go: you tell one or more of the typical Trump Cult lies. Then you demand (not ask) I prove to you that your lie is a lie. No way I’m going to waste my time on that. I’m not immortal.

        But I will take time to prove your biggest Big Lie is a lie. It’s the Big Lie Trump taught you to repeat so you’d support his insurrection against democracy. The Big Lie is the one claiming the election was stolen from him.

        Yesterday you were in a full on, all-caps rage about “white vans” driving around in the middle of the night, bringing “big boxes” to polling places. “People” couldn’t gain access to the big boxes! Were they illegal ballots? People saw them!

        What white vans? Get a license numbers? Who were these people who saw these vans? Where was this polling place? (Philly, probably, right?) Just a few details, pretty please?

        But here’s the absolute proof that these vague conspiracy claims are lies. Are you listening, Lawyer?. Do I have to put all this in caps so you’ll know this is the big reveal? Maybe I’ll just type it twice, because I don’t want to look like Honorable Mention.

        So here goes: the proof that your Big Lie is a big fat lie is this:

        In 60 court cases filed by Trump’s lawyers–two of them before the Supreme Court, most of them filed before GOP or even Trump-appointed judges–not a single shred of evidence was presented of any fraud–much less of “massive fraud.” Rudy had nothing but melting hair dye. Sidney Powell had nothing but her worm-infested brain high on Qanon lies and lust for the spotlight. She was so crazy even Trump knew enough to fire her.

        Not only did the judges reject all the lawsuits, they rejected them “with prejudice,” meaning the lawsuits were empty of merit. Beyond frivolous. Ridiculous. An insult to the courts.

        No evidence. None. 60 times they had the chance to present it. To prove to the world somebody, somewhere, somehow stole the election from your hero. Why didn’t Trump’s lawyers at least try to present fake evidence?

        Because they feared disbarment. You lie in court to a judge, you’re fired.

        But you can lie on the internet all you want, can’t you, Lawyer?. You can lie 24/7, 365. Without any consequences except getting exposed for your lies by people like me who value the truth.

        Get used to it.

        • You don’t scare much of anybody, professor. I don’t know why you would ever think that you value the truth. You lie from the get-go of any discussion. Oh wait, you are a die hard lefty, pretty far out there in left field, and you are deaf to any truth told you. So that is just who you are. I don’t lie. Just because you don’t agree with me, does not mean I am the liar. You remind me a bit of a man who abuses his wife, who says every time he hits her, “see what you made me do.”

          I want people reading this to understand before he accuses me, I am not accusing him of beating his wife. I am telling him that he always believes it’s some else who hates, hurts people, and and lies. He can never see that he is the man with the issues

          • These are harsh, mendacious words, Lawyer?–especially since I just took the time to “answer your questions” all at once by exposing your tactics in clinging to the Big Lie–even after most wing nuts have “moved on” from spouting it out of pure embarrassment. I haven’t come across the words “Stop the Steal” in weeks.

            Perhaps you’d like to refute what I said about Trump’s Big Lie?

            No, you’d rather send a “reply” that has zero information in it. All you can do is try to insult me.

            You call me a liar.

            But you are a liar.

            A small but indicative lie you recently told is that perhaps I had posted words critical of myself on my account here. That’s an obvious lie and you know it. The person who posted that under my name simply opened a fake account under my name by using a different ISP address.

            This is identity theft. But all’s fair when you’re cornered by a liberal who’s simply telling the truth, right?

        • I posted these two comments in response to MEWHPS’ comments on how God is a huge Rush fan.

          Somehow they didn’t appear under his post.

          • Some Trump Stooge has opened a fake account in my name and posted an obviously-not-my-post insult to me.

            It’s the post below this one.

            I have a good idea who’s doing this.

            He’s an imbecile.

          • A bit paranoid are you, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to pretend to be you or Miss Vicki. You are really a bit funny that you would think something like that. Hmmm, how about maybe you posted that and then blamed someone else just to say how bad the poor innocent professor is treated and how people lie.

            Plum funny as my grandpa would have said.

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