The City of Natchitoches Utility Department would like to provide its customers with a few tips to identify leaks in their plumbing systems.

The City of Natchitoches’ water meters will allow you to see what flow is going through the meter at any given time. The customer can see this flow by locating your water meter (most are in a box with a blue lid in your front yard) and opening the small black lid on top of the register.

• Use a rag to clean the register top off so you can see the display. If the register does not “wake up” simply shine a flash light on it for a few seconds.
• Once on, the display will scroll between the gallons used and rate of flow.
• Turn off all faucets and appliances that use water, also making sure toilets are not running.

The flow, as read at the meter, should show 0.0 GPM as shown in Photo #1. If it is not 0.0 GPM you may have a leak. Photo #2 shows a meter with a faucet open a small amount.

**The meter flow display does not update immediately and may take a few cycles of scrolling to update**

If you suspect a leak please use this method to check your plumbing. If you need assistance in cutting off your water supply, please contact the Emergency Line (318)357-3880.