Water Pressure: How it works

We’ve all just experienced what many are calling an unprecedented weather event and sadly that description seems to be turning into an excuse for the maladies we are experiencing with our water system and with it a wealth of misunderstanding. Many questions being asked of our government officials display a lack of understanding of the system and unfortunately some of the answers being given display the same amount of ignorance.

In order to understand the demands placed on water systems, first we have to delve into a little background of how these systems are supposed to work. The following five (5) minute video will explain the basics of our water system.

There used to be a sign outside of the water plant touting the ability of the plant to treat eight million gallons (8,000,000) gallons of water per day. Treating that raw water and the ability to pressurize the system and maintain an adequate reserve in the water towers is critical. The following eleven (11) minute video will go a long way in our understanding of the roles the plant’s pumps and water towers play. It is well worth the time and will allow us to ask questions and make informed decisions on preventing the preventable.

Photo: Courtesy of ArkLaTex

2 thoughts on “Water Pressure: How it works

  1. Please follow up this story with a description of the water supply systems in Natchitoches. Where does the water come from; how is it purified and distributed; why are there several districts; who does the work; who pays for it? I look forward to reading it.

  2. Natchitoches got serious water system problems! Those problems existed before the cold weather events! The fix is going to cost millions! Mayor Williams you need to expose what you inherited!

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