Quilts Can Tell A Story

To celebrate Black History month, the students in Mrs. Laura Friedel’s third grade class at St. Mary’s Catholic School researched African Americans who changed history. Mrs. Friedel suggested a list of people to choose from, from the past and the present: athletes, musicians, politicians, and a range of others. The children then each chose one person to research and learn about that person’s life and their contributions. Once the research was complete, the students placed their information on quilt pieces, and the quilt was then assembled. This quilt project was then extended into creating and using timelines and writing biographies.

Third grade students with the completed project are (back row, l-r) Taelyn Thornton, Corbyn Gandy, Paisley Rae Tilley, Lexie Metoyer, Roan Mc Clung, Wes LeGrande, Jayd Linebaugh and Avery Katherine Sheffield. Middle row: Aaron Blanchard, Holt Cedars, Lacey Boyd, Isaac McGuffee, Brooklyn Clark, Anna Johnson, Madden Cameron, and Raylee Hale. Front row: Anistyn Rhodes.

3 thoughts on “Quilts Can Tell A Story

  1. Way to go. This was an awesome project. I wish they had also studied the Underground Railroad that helped slaves escape. People left quilts in designated places and the quilts were made with directions to the next “safe house” or route to follow. I think it’s amazing about this part of history and quilts.

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