NHDDC learns of plan for traffic island at corner of Front and Lafayette Streets

The Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission held a brief meeting on Feb. 25 that was full of information on upcoming events. This is cause for excitement as the calendar fills up with events confirming dates.

One particular piece of information that seems to be long overdue is the construction of an island with a raised curb at the corner of Front and Lafayette Streets. The Historic District Commission approved the scope of the project and the City received a permit from the state. Construction will move forward once the City contracts out the work. The goal of the island is to prevent people from running into the condos, like they’ve done frequently in the past

Event dates include the following:

March 6 – NSide View Day (Almost 250 students signed up, which is great. Allowed to bring 2 guests with them. We’re encouraging them to go downtown before the football game at 6 pm.)

CAPA starting to resume shows
Slowly getting back to business as usual.

Tourist Office:
Office is now back open to the public.
There are 49 teams schedules to play tournaments at Parc Natchitoches this weekend if they don’t get rained out.
May 7-8 – Sale on the Trail

Los Adaes is closed due to damage from winter weather.
Walking Tours are taking place Wed-Sat at 10 am and 1 pm

Moving into their new warehouse facility.

March 6 – Reading on the River, hosted by the Service League
March 13 – Bloomin’ on the Bricks and CAPA on the Cane (No Art Along the Bricks this year)
March 20 – Mayor’s Fitness Council working on an event (More details will be released)

There are two weddings booked for Beau Jardin in March and April

April 16 – NSU Steel Bank Concert on the riverbank
April 24 – Farmers market will kick off and run through July 31
April 25 – Concert on the Cane presented by the NSU Band
May 21-22 – Natchitoches Jazz and R&B Festival

Feb. 27 – NYP Pub Crawl
March 10 – Picnic in the Park in place of monthly luncheon at City Park featuring a legislative update
March 27 – Home & Garden Expo

April 17-18 – Melrose Arts & Crafts Festival