School Board approves self funding grant writer, grant administrator and property manager positions

Business Affairs Supervisor Lee Waskom addressed the School Board at its March 4 regarding the need he has seen for a grant writer and a grant administrator and a property manager so the district can identify what land it actually owns.

The board currently has an employee that could assist with grant writing for an additional stipend, but an administrator would still be needed.

The hope is that the grant positions would hope that this would always be self-funded. The property manager will only get paid when they make money for the school district.

There’s 13 acres in Lena that’s inside Natchitoches Parish that has timber on it that Waskom said he didn’t even know existed. Joe Cooper manages timber property for the district, but there’s actually a lot of other property that the district owns that could be leased out or in some way rented out to a farmer.

Waskom could extend duties to Cooper for hunting leases at $7 an acre. He would only require $1 from that and the school board will get the rest. They also discovered through talking that someone is harvesting timber off the land the School Board owns in Lena. The board also owns land in Black Lake and 640 acres of Clear Lake. There’s also acreage owned by the School Board in Grant, DeSoto, Rapides Parishes.

“We’re going to want to have a complete understanding of what’s going on in our parish with our property,” said Waskom. “I just need to have somebody other than myself driving around the parish and observing what’s going on with our property and even knowing where it all is.”

Waskom said he is aware of 16 property tracts currently owned by the School Board, but he’s working with Clerk of Court David Stamey to find all the land that the board owns.

Taking stock of what the district owns and seeing what could be leased for hunting tracts, farming and other uses would all be new found money that would help the budget. Waskom said he will present some options at the board’s April meeting.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Waskom, who said this comprehensive list of properties is something Board Vice President Reba Phelps has been asking him for.

7 thoughts on “School Board approves self funding grant writer, grant administrator and property manager positions

  1. I’m sorry. Natchitoches Parish School Board is already bloated with personnel. Hiring more and people (not teachers) is crazy. Use one of your teachers to handle the grants. Not knowing what land and property the district owns is crazy. Some heads ought to roll over that! I don’t have to tell you but the parish roads are in a mess! Use district money wisely!

  2. Great job Lee Waskom on finding property owned by the School Board! The revenue from that property over the years will most likely be a major source of income for our school district. Congratulations to Board members for hiring someone with Mr. Waskom’s financial/business expertise and experience. Obviously a decision that will reap major benefits for the School Board.

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