Boys to Men Club Visits GSU

The Boys to Men Club is back to work after the state has been moved to Phase 3. The club is a youth service organization for 7th/8th males housed at NJH.

Jermaine Thomas, club director and 7th math teacher, says that everything has been at a standstill due to COVID.

On Monday, Thomas took the club members to their annual college tour at Grambling State University. The students spent about an hour walking the campus, visiting the Eddie G. Robinson Museum, eating lunch in McCall Dining Hall, visiting the stadium, and finally touring some shopping areas on campus.

Mr. Thomas says that he is anxious to “get back to work” on leading the guys in the right direction for this club that he founded 3 years ago.

Pictured on the student yard at GSU on front row from left are Jaylen Walter, Jayden Russell, Jermaine Thomas, Jarvis Epps, and Club Director J. Thomas. On back row are Marquez Demery, DeReginald Perrow, Edward LaCour, Tylan Walker, and Aiden Cryer.

Mr. Thomas states that he has a variety of community service activities planned for the club members within the next couple of weeks.

The Boys to Men Club is a youth male organization housed at NJH. If you would like to donate or contribute to the success of this club, please contact Club Director Jermaine Thomas at (318) 238-0066 during school hours or email