City of Natchitoches discusses economic development, Women’s History Month, and refunding debt

Mike Ferdinand, Executive Director of the Natchitoches Community Alliance (NCA) spoke to the Natchitoches City Council at its March 8 meeting about his passion for economic development.

“I see Natchitoches as being something more than just an opportunity, but something that can really grow,” he said, adding that remembers Natchitoches from the 80s.

“I always thought this was such a beautiful community and I’m blessed to now be able to work with ya’ll and try and bring your vision forward through the mission of economic development,” he said.

One of Ferdinand’s primary focuses will be to work with companies looking at expansion, joint venture, relocation, acquisition and try to recruit the primary jobs, those jobs that spawn and create other jobs.

“Natchitoches has a great sense of quality of place,” Ferdinand shared.

The City also declared the month of march as Women’s History Month in the City Of Natchitoches.

Strong Women Nat


A Second Supplemental Bond Ordinance Amending and Supplementing Ordinance No. 1 of 2015 providing for the incurring of debt and issuance of not to exceed Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) of Utilities Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2021, of the City of Natchitoches, State of Louisiana; prescribing the form, terms and conditions of said Refunding Bonds, designating the date, denomination and place of payment of said Refunding Bonds, providing for the payment thereof in principal and interest; authorizing the agreement with the Paying Agent; and providing for other matters in connection therewith.

A representative from Piper Sandler spoke regarding this ordinance and refunding the City’s existing debt. They refunded loans with a rate of 3.45%. They reached out to regional and local banks and the best bid was 1.95%. This will save $365,000 in gross savings to the City. They also reduced the maturity, so the debt will mature in 2030 instead of 2035. With this new loan a debt service reserve is no longer required. In addition to not having to put these restricted funds aside, the funds that were set aside for existing loans can be released back to the City in the amount of $450,000, which will be available once they close. The closing date is scheduled for March 25.


Award The Bid For Caustic Soda For The Water Treatment Plant (BID NO. 0634)
Enter Into A Water Agreement With The Village Of Powhatan, Which Said Agreement Provides For Sale And Delivery Of Water By The City Of Natchitoches To The Village Of Powhatan, Providing For A Five Year Term, Providing For Advertising, Further Providing For Severability, And Further Providing For A Repealer And Effective Date Of Ordinance.
Enter Into An Agreement For Emergency Assistance By And Between The LEPA Member Cities, Providing For Emergency Assistance Between The Members Of LEPA, Compensation And Term, Further Providing For The Appointment Of A Director And Alternate Director To The Board Of Directors Of Louisiana Energy And Power Authority, Providing For Advertising, Further Providing For Severability, And Further Providing For A Repealer And Effective Date Of Ordinance.
Execute An Agreement Or Lease Of Public Property And Airspace With Red Sky Adventures, LLC, Whereby The City Of Natchitoches And The Board Of Commissioners Of Waterworks District Number 1 Will Lease Public Ground And Airspace Pursuant To The Terms Of R. S. 33:4712 And R. S. 33:4712.1 To Red Sky Adventures, LLC, To Provide For A Public Hearing, To Provide For Advertising, And A Savings Clause.


Advertise And Accept Bids For Christmas Lighting Supplies (BID NO. 0635)
Appoint Matt Anderson To Serve As Director And Mayor Ronnie Williams, Jr., To Serve As Alternate Director On The Board Of Directors Of Louisiana Energy And Power Authority (LEPA)
Advertise And Accept Bids For LWCF Grant Improvements At Parc Natchitoches in the amount of $223,000, which includes the installation of bathrooms in the public space near the park’s entrance, an additional pavilion, two sets of playground equipment for younger and older age groups and extending walking trails.