Cane River Waterway Commission votes to decrease 2021 millage

During its March 3 meeting the Cane River Waterway Commission voted to decrease millage for 2021 from 6 mills to 3.5 mills after reviewing their budget outlook.

18 thoughts on “Cane River Waterway Commission votes to decrease 2021 millage

  1. I’m sorry folks. The roads in the district should be a priority. We are becoming the laughing stock of the state. Roads and our school system is holding the parish back. At least with money given toward roads you know roads will be fixed. Giving money toward public schools is dry hole with no bottom to it. We keep funding them with no accountability! Fix the roads!

  2. First off they is we and they should have no legal way to share money they take from us. The CRCW should be closed down completely and the citizens of Natchitoches Parish should be the ones to vote whether to increase taxes, not allow some non elected unaccountable quasi governmental agency with some kind of charter from the Legislature to spend money on projects its charter never intended. It’s just a piggy bank for the good ole boys to rob. Never did hear hear how they resolved that pump fiasco that spent millions on something that eveidently was never needed, who was ever held accountable for that waste.

  3. John Richmond, the CRWC and the parish council stop giving to the city projects and put that money on the roads. When was the last time the city which has most of the tax base helped the parish? Why can’t the city help out with some of the things the parish pays for in the city limits? Nothing is going to happen until we have a president and council that don’t have special interest in the city and social buddies,backdoor deals and spending tax money without the say of the people paying that tax. And that’s another question for John Richmond and the CRWC HOW are these deals made and no one knows about it until its a done deal?
    CRWC needs to go and the sheriff needs to take over its that simple. Sell their $200,000 house on the river and build a boathouse at shell Beach. Use the volunteer deputies to patrol,keep Betty on to do what see does and there it is. The sheriff collects and takes care of the money.
    We don’t need a special board with special interest handing out tax dollars.

      • Yes I fully understand that fact and understand they have the majority of the tax base. And when the city has a few extra dollars they seem to want to build a walking park or go extra on decorations. They waste any penny they can and then expect funding for more projects to come from places like the useless CRWC to give them funds,BUT NEVER SEEM TO KICK IN FOR A PARISH ROAD PROJECT.

  4. How come they don’t keep it and spend the extra money on roads! They do a better job than the parish government finding money for roads! If I am wrong please tell why! There is nothing wrong with revenues sharing! It’s all our money anyway! Peace!

    • You are 100% corect! But the have given millions for the front Street project and just announced giving even more to the fix up and turn the house on the river bank. They have promised funds for Fish hatchery and Bermuda rd. The rest they just pretty much waste. They need to be disbanded and the sheriff office need to take over 100 percent of operations.

    • Randy, ur nuts. Cane River Waterway was created for projects on the river, not money for roads. What we need to do is eliminate the commission, let the new sheriff Stuart Wright take care if the few commission duties (he already is paid $50,000 to patrol) and give the rest of the money to the parish road system. Do u really think anyone on the commission knows much about roads. You can be anti Natchitoches parish Govt all u want but dont show your ignorance by wanting to put the Cane River Commission as road builders!

      • In The Know why do I have to be nuts and you are not? You are suggesting the same thing I am! You are just having another entity handling excess revenue instead of the Cane River Water Commission you would have the Sheriff do it! That’s the problem in the first place! There are too many little fiefdoms in the parish getting our money and they are selfish when there are excess revenue and it’s not used where it’s most needed!!You obviously don’t know me! You have no idea of my contributions to the creation of the current parish government! The problem is not the form of government! The problem is the people who we elected to run it! Just because a person can win a popularity contest (election) don’t mean they are qualified to run a government! Solutions are needed not more criticism! Peace!

    • Revenue sharing is opening the door for all sorts of illegal activity. Having money that is supposed to go to one thing, and ends up paying for another is going to make someone angry, we know that for sure. Line items in budgets are there to tell the politicians honest, or as honest as we can keep them. It is our money, so if a decision is made that the money is needed somewhere, and it is put in the budget, I don’t want some politician deciding it’s ok to move the money to pay for something else.No sir, and I don’t think you trust them that much either, I know you are smarter than that.

      If some budget items have more money than they need, the budget needs to be changed. You and I know you have to watch a certain breed of politician to make sure he is staying honest.

      • MEWHP and Old RN what solutions y’all have to offer? I only criticize when I think I have a better idea! Peace!

        • Randy Stelly, I’m not criticizing, I’m just giving you my take on accounting, why it’s done a certain way, and why you can’t just move money. Didn’t the previous mayor move some money for the Parc, and most people had a hissy fit about that. Just because I explain why it can’t work, in my opinion, why must you think I’m criticizing you. Please understand that it was not my intention to offend you or to critique what you said. I know a few things about accounting and moving money around, and the problems it can cause.

          I don’t know that I have a better solution, except maybe the governor needs to leave local things to local government. I have always thought local government could handle some things better than state or federal government that is not involved and does not know what is going on. I don’t especially like appointed chairmen of committees, because of the “good old boy buddy system” that is alive and well in Louisiana. This committee, not voted on by anyone, but appointed, and I always wonder if it’s a favor being repaid, and they are spending hundreds of thousands of the parish’s budget. I just don’t believe that is the smartest thing we could do in making sure our tax dollars are going where they really need to be going.

          A few months ago, the announcement was made that the waterway commission was going to pay to have two roads redone, and I immediately had a question. Not that I’m not happy that roads are being repaired, but my question is why were those roads chosen. Are there roads in worse shape than others that should have been considered. Mr. Rhodes – real estate – new subdivision on the river? – ulterior motive in choosing those 2 roads??? Those questions were never answered to my satisfaction, but hey, I’m just one person, they can ignore me all day long, but I know who I will not be voting for come election day. It is a simple question, Will these two new roads benefit any development planned by Rhodes Realty? Would that be a conflict of interest? Answer my questions, and I will be quiet about it. Don’t answer my questions, and it will always be in the back of my mind. Don’t give spending power to anyone appointed and not voted on by the people of the parish. I’m not making judgment calls, I simply want the best for the parish. It is where my life is, and I want my life to be good, as I’m sure all of you want your lives to be the best they can be.

          Randy, I hope this answers the questions you had about my previous comment.

        • Randy, no criticizing meant for you from here. I am showing why sharing won’t work. We have nothing to share. Rural citizens have had our share of parish revenue given away and now we have nothing left for repair of our roads, and we haven’t had any funds for some time now. Our roads are getting beat up and so are our cars with no help to look forward to.

          The only solution I have is: we rural folks need to be assured we will get some money for our roads. I am criticizing the way our money is mostly all gone now. Also, another part of my recommended solution is: I hope someone will see the unfairness and vote for fairness. Are you on the parish council? If you are, then I am pleading for some fairness when you and all of the council vote in the future. Please.

          Have a good evening Randy. Sleep well, I see no fault in you.

    • See, revenue sharing doesn’t work here. When people honestly share, there is give and take. Rural roads funds do all the giving, and Natchitoches city does all the taking. Those of us who need our parish roads repaired are now standing with an empty bucket.


  6. So…..nothing about the actual report. This was a waste of time and more like and extended story line.

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