NCHS Gifted Seniors Interview Hologram of Holocaust Survivor Pinchas Gutter

As part of their study of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ms. Thompson’s Gifted English IV class is using AI to interview the hologram of Holocaust Survivor Pinchas Gutter. Gutter was born in Poland in 1932, interned in the Warsaw Ghetto, and eventually deported to the Majdanek concentration camp, where his parents and sister were murdered.

There are many benefits and drawbacks to the use of AI, but this is a positive use for our students.

“Before learning that AI helps keep the memories of Holocaust survivors alive, I had a mostly negative view of artificial intelligence, but now I can definitely see how it can be really beneficial, too” Aziza Coutee said.

Jett Steadman added, “It brings to fruition everything we’re learning, and it’s a captivating way to put our new knowledge to use.”

“I think it’s really cool that we can use AI to have a conversation with a Holocaust Survivor, and I can ask him things that I’ve always wanted to know about,” London Wright remarked.

Felicity Faust believes this activity “helps solidify everything we’ve learned about AI so far, brings it all together, and makes learning so much more personal.”

“It offers a different perspective on AI,” Hayden Hassan said. “Instead of just seeing AI as possibly leading us to a future of robotic overlords, this allows us to keep the memories of Holocaust Survivors alive, which is really important because so few Survivors are left.”

“It’s one thing to teach my students about AI, but this is altogether different,” Ms. Thompson added. “My kids are on their iPads using AI to interview a Holocaust Survivor they’ll probably never have the opportunity to talk to in real life, and they’re amazed at how smoothly the technology works. They ask Mr. Gutter questions, and he answers them. They’re having an actual conversation with a hologram. It’s amazing!”

The technology is made possible through the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation.

Pictured: Jett Steadman, Lesa Thompson, Pinchas Gutter (hologram), Aziza Coutee, London Wright, Felicity Faust, Hayden Hassan