Members obstruct Council from taking care of business

A comment on the live stream from Monday night’s Parish Council meeting, March 15, stated that the reason nothing gets done is because some Council members don’t know what’s going on. Another comment simply said, “WWF.” To an extent, the meeting did seem more like a dramatic wrestling event than a meeting where the Council works together for the good of Parish residents.

Ending the meeting, Council member John Salter called Parish President John Richmond a dummy, an asshole, and invited him to catch him outside.

Council member Patsy Ward Hoover tied with Salter for contentious moments throughout the meeting while her unsilenced cell phone caused repeated interruptions.

One moment of controversy arose when Council Clerk Cheryl Frederick asked the Council to approve an amendment to the agenda requesting design exceptions for the existing bridge on Clark Road over Bayou Bourbeaux (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

A unanimous vote is needed to add an item to the agenda and Hoover voted no because the item was received past the deadline to add items to the agenda. Engineer Nick Verret explained that he didn’t know of this until the last minute. He added that if the Parish Council delays the resolution a month it would be delaying the completion of the state project by the contractor and the Parish could be held liable for damage delay claims.

Another issue pertained to an email from Richmond to the Council members where he asked them to go over the information in the packets they receive in advance of the meetings and ask questions of the department heads so they can be well informed before the night of the meeting. Richmond made this request based on the number of agenda items that have been tabled recently because Council members, Hoover in particular, have claimed a lack of information. Hoover was not happy with Richmond’s request.

“This kind of stuff is what’s really hurting the Parish,” said Council President Chris Paige, who was trying to keep order and be the voice of reason. “Let’s do what’s right. Let’s understand the issues at hand.”

Yet another issue occurred when the Council approved an agenda item to provide notification to IBTS of an intent to renew or terminate the current agreement for services in regard to being the Parish Certified Building Official and the conducting of all required building inspections.

Executive Assistant to the President David Kees commented that Hoover made it known on numerous occasions that she doesn’t like the third party contractor. Hoover denied this statement, calling Kees a liar. Salter jumped in saying, “Sue him and run him out of town.”

During the Parish President’s report (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW) Hoover asked about dissolving the Payne Subdivision Sewer Board. The Louisiana Community Block Grant Association, who would be funding the rehabilitation of the sewer system in the subdivision, told the Parish that negotiations with the current owner, TESI, have gone on long enough and told the Parish it needed to pull out of negotiations. TESI is a problem that needs to be dealt with as they own other systems in the Parish.

Paige informed her of the Council Attorney’s recommendation to not dissolve the board so that if it’s necessary, they can take legal action against TESI as they’re the ones that have been hurt the most through this process.

Hoover would not accept Paige’s explanation, adhering to her belief that the board needs to be dissolved.

This is a general overview, but feel free to watch the entire video:

First Introduction of Proposed Ordinances:

Ordinance 005-2021 to enter into negotiations of a donation of the Creston Polling Place building to landowner and in exchange for indemnity and hold harmless from any causes of action asserted as a result of the condition or structure of the building
006-2021 revision to the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manual.

Public Hearing:

Approve Ordinance 003-2021 to effect a zoning change from Industrial-Agriculture District to a Business-3 District for the purpose of establishing a gym with a restaurant and coffee shop on a 1.350 acre tract of land in Robeline
Adopt Ordinance 004-2021 to effect a zoning change from Industrial-Agriculture District to a Business-3 District for the purpose of establishing a convenience store on a 2.51 acre tract of land in Campti


Adopt Res. 018-2021 that the Parish has complied with all requirements of the Federal Off-System Bridge Replacement Program
Approve Res. 017-2021 to send to the Attorney General for a ruling on the purchase of a Front-End Loader

Other Agenda Items:

Award contract for the replacement of the roof of the front section of the Live Oak building. This building has a slate shingle asbestos roof, which has been leaking. Replacing with 30 year architectural shingles. Hargrove was $41,273
Accept resolution passed and signed by the Town of Campti, Villages of Ashland, Village of Goldonna, Village of Natchez, Village of Provencal, and the Village of Clarence as an official request for road work to be performed within the incorporated limits of Campti, Goldonna, Ashland, Natchez, Provencal and Clarence for the time period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021 and to approve such work to be performed within that time period.

15 thoughts on “Members obstruct Council from taking care of business

  1. Salty and Hoovy should take their act on the road, and just bumpitybumpitybumpbump and keep on going.

  2. Thank you NPJ for posting the video, but I can hardly stand to read about it, much less have to watch and listen to the buffoons! Please save this article to post before the next parish council election to remind voters who these people are and to not elect them again! Nothing will ever get done if these people are running the parish!

  3. The microphones are not turned up loud enough for a video to catch the sound. I tried to watch it, but I could not understand what was being said. Can anything be done about that, so that the people who are not able to go can at least hear what is going on at the council meetings?

  4. We just discussed the unfairness of the allocation of parish monies for the needed repairs for the rural roads.

    The members who had the meltdowns were objecting, just as we had in the earlier post about the CRWA. Tensions are high. When representatives are bombarded with road complaints ,by the members they represent, they react. This isn’t a new problem and frustrations have turned to anger. They of course, reacted in the wrong way, profanity should not be tolerated by any means, but at lest they were representing the frustrations of their constituents.

    If we get rid of them, then who is going to stand up for our voices. So do we just quietly sit back and continue to allow this council to continually forget we exist??

    I agree with having law enforcement escorting them out – then the leader needs to handle this, talk to them, so it hopefully doesn’t happen again.

  5. Hoover is uninformed and contentious which appeals to her voting base. As long as the officials are loud, demanding and disruptive the base thinks their “rights” are being fought for. Pure ignorance.

    • I always get the impression that she doesn’t understand the material. Maybe the lashing out is to cover for that.Whatever the reason it’s disruptive and she owns it.

  6. These are our elected officials! This again is why nothing gets done, if these people can’t do any better then this they need to go. This is 4th grade playground actions name calling,pounding on the tables acting like spoiled kids.
    Hoover needs to not be banned from bringing a phone in the building. ALL NEED TO TAKE A CLASS ON HOW TO CONDUCT A MEETING! John Richmond is the president and needs to take control. Follow meeting rules or be escorted by the police out of the building. Act like a child and be treated like a child! This is embarrassing!

    • You are so correct. Salter and Hoover both need to be put out if this council and do not ever need to be back on. These two cause more issues than good. It is ashame that as old as these two are they act like 2 year olds. I had two year olds in my Taekwondo classes before when I had more school that acted so much better than these two. It is completely disrespectable the way these two people acted. President Richmond needs to take control I agree they should go over the papers before because Mrs. Hoover constantly acts like she is clueless to what is being brought up. The only thing she is ever concerned about is that sewer project. It may need to be addressed but there is so much more that needs to be taken care of. Mr. Marty Cheatwood is over my district that I live in and you never see him act out in any ways. These two and I am speaking of John Salter and Pasty Hoover need to sit down and shut up and act right or pick up your toys and go home because these two are acting like little children. Maybe they need to drain the swamp here and get rid of the dead weight that these 2 or causing.

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