The City of Natchitoches would like to inform the public of changes to the City’s policy regarding cost adjustments due to water leaks for utility customers. Per the State of Louisiana Attorney General, government agencies are not allowed to make adjustments to utility bills regarding water leaks.

What this means for our customers is although we cannot make an adjustment for water leaks due to a burst waterline, the City will be able to arrange a payment plan to the customer, upon request, if unable to pay the full amount for water usage through the meter.   

Most recently, the City was hit by a winter storm in which customers experienced burst waterlines or water leaks.  Customers are now receiving their monthly bill for that cycle which includes the dates of the winter storm.  If you had a burstwaterline or water leak, your bill is probably higher than your average monthly bill due to the water usage that passed through the meter.  

We understand this is frustrating for our customers, but ask for your patience and understanding as we work to implement the payment plan process to assist in these situations. We also ask our customers to analyze their bill each month and notify us immediately if your monthly usage changes.  You may have a leak and not know it.  If you suspect you have a leak, please contact the Utility Service Center and an employee will be dispatched to assist you. If the leak is determined to be on your side of the meter, you will need to contact a plumber of your choosing to fix the leak.

If this is the case and you are unable to pay your utility bill in full, please contact the Utility Service Center at (318)357-3830 or stop by their offices at 806 Second Street to arrange a payment plan for these charges.


  1. This is blatant garbage and against previous practice of the city in regard to leaks that result in waste usage that is not customer usage. I would not be at all surprised to see a class-action suit arise from this chicanery. Bad management.

    • So you think that taxpayers should pay for property owners not adequately installing and protecting their own plumbing? I have an idea, how about making those with broken plumbing pay penalties for making the rest of us, who did the right things, suffer for days without water. More of what’s wrong with this State, people wanting others to pay for their wants or negligence. SMH

      • Wowww… this is not the policy they have followed in the past. If you had a broken pipe under your slab, you could contact them and they would adjust your bill because it was not client usage. I don’t know what your issue is but you need to back down, son.

        • Well the policy followed in the past was wrong as well so I’m not impressed with that shallow reasoning. We are not talking about a broken pipe under a slab, we are talking about burst pipes due to the freeze. If you don’t know the issue based on the clearly worded post and the article, I suggest you refrain from “backing down” talk. I’m beginning to understand the reason for the 3rd syllable in your online moniker. Just try to keep up.

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