By Tommy Rush

Hopefully by now, we have all adjusted to the “Time Change” that took place this past Sunday. It’s interesting to hear people talk about Daylight Savings Time. You hear phrases like, “I love the extra hour of daylight, but hate losing the hour of sleep.”

We actually say a lot of weird things about time, such as “time flies,” “where did the time go,” or “I’m running out of time.” Sometimes we talk about managing our time better, but the reality is there is no such thing as time management. The term is an oxymoron. Time cannot be managed. You can manage yourself, but no one can manage time. Some people say that they need to “find more time.” I would say that if you’re trying to find more time, you need to quit looking because there isn’t any extra time lying around to be found.

This morning my wife informed me that a check from the United States Treasury for $1400 had been deposited in my checking account during the night. She received a check for the same amount. We will definitely find something to do with the money (probably put it toward our taxes in a few weeks.) This deposit made me think of another deposit made to my life account every morning. Every morning when I wake up, God deposits 1,440 minutes into my life. God’s gift of 1,440 minutes total 24 hours or 864,000 seconds. This “time” deposit is far more valuable than any monetary deposit made to my bank account.

I’ve heard people say, “Time is money.” Time is actually more valuable than money. Why? Because you can run out of money and still have life left, but when you run out of time it’s gone forever. You can never buy more time! So don’t waste precious time pouting over things you cannot change. Time is irretrievable, so spend it wisely.

Today many people are living life frantically fighting the clock. Many live under the constant stress of juggling time between their jobs, their families, and a host of other life demands. I’m not sure who said it, but they summed our culture up pretty well by describing it as, “The age of the half-read page, the quick hash and the mad dash; the bright nights with the nerves tight; the plane hop with a brief stop; the lamp tan in a short span; the brain strain and the heart pain; The catnaps till the spring snaps; And then the fun’s done.”

Ephesians 5:16 tells us to “redeem the time.” This means we should use time or spend time with great care because time is a gift. I would encourage you to entrust your time to the One who holds time in His hands. A Christian friend told me years ago, “Give your time to your Redeemer and your Redeemer will redeem your time.”


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