NATCHITOCHES-A Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the NPSO Civil Operations Bureau has been terminated due to violations of the NPSO Standard Operating Procedures according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Stuart Wright.

The violations were found during an internal audit of the individual deputy’s day-to-day work assignment that discovered improprieties.

The audit findings will be turned over to the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office and Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office for review.

The Civil Operations Bureau is responsible for the collection of property taxes, garnishments, sheriff’s sales, civil processing issues and the collection of cash fines and bonds.

No further information will be released at this time pending the ongoing investigation.


    • Being nosy could be the death of you! It’s eating you alive! God says many things in the Bible about minding ones own business. Oh I got it though, “It’s my right to know, I demand it!”. Sit down Karen and learn some patience. Having a right to something doesn’t mean YOU need to know. Besides who are you to demand anything? Better watch where you stick that nose, there’s a lot of traps set. Gossip is a horrible thing.

  1. Sure is funny how name isnt being released – ol’ Sheriff got to cover for his boy…..Boy Bankston done got caught.

    • If the sheriff was covering for him, he wouldn’t have been terminated. I’m sure once the investigation is complete more information will be released.

    • If the sheriff was covering for him he wouldn’t have been terminated. I’m sure once the investigation is complete, more information will be released.

  2. Where public knowledge. Their quick put us out there. Where this right. Where is are rights. This is james Owens not my wife so there is no miss understanding. I like see what everyone else has to say or their thoughts. Me personally I think we don’t have rights and the police biggest gang they run around do what ever they want they no better than rest of us. I think worse they want arrest people for same thing they be doing fire all of their crooked asses start over their heads gotten to big think they own us protect and serve no sir or lady’s. Harass people anymore think people’s lives is a game. Quick try and want ruin family. I ask them. How would you like someone do you that way. Think they got is scared out here when really they messing they world up and are minds. They doing this to us free will we are lead to do what we do.

    • I agree James. If they can humiliate people by making their personal lives public, then they should give equal treatment to all. Show one, show all.

      I think it’s best to show none.

      • This is not about someone’s personal life, this is about a public employee, being paid with public funds, not performing his/her public duties in a lawful manner. Don’t want something publicized don’t do something public. Sheesh.

      • D.B.Cooper, be careful when you tell someone to learn the proper use of English, then turn around and use incorrect punctuation. It is Mr. Owens, no apostrophe needed. I do understand your point though. The comment made by Mr. Owens was difficult to understand.

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