By Tommy Rush

Spring is finally springing! I personally love when all the flowers and trees come to life with color. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama about three miles from Bellingrath Gardens (the Azalea capital of the world) may be a contributing factor, but my mother’s love for growing flowers is probably the main reason. Plants and flowers have always been Mama’s passion. When I was about ten years old, she won the Mobile Yard of the Year Award. After our yard was featured in the local newspaper, her passion became a mission to win the award every year!

When the azaleas and dogwoods begin blooming, it brings back a lot of good memories. Each year when I see the tulip displays downtown, I send my mom pictures and we always talk about our love for growing things. I really appreciate Tim Murchison and his staff who go above and beyond to keep Natchitoches beautiful. Recently I heard a friend tell how Tim and City Employees worked extremely hard this year to keep the plants alive during the ice storm and cold winter. When you see the flower displays around town you need to remember a lot of hard work took place behind the scenes to make them possible this year!

Actually there’s always work going on behind the scenes when it comes to growing flowers and making things beautiful. One thing I learned from my mother about flowers and planting good gardens is that nothing just “suddenly” happens overnight. It’s true that spring flowers and color seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere, but the beauty has been getting ready to happen for a long time. You can ask any gardener and they will tell you that an invisible process of nourishing and growth goes on long before the buds and blooms pop out. In Mark 4:26-27, Jesus tells how a man casts his seed upon the soil and then goes to bed at night and when he gets up the seed has sprouted but he himself does not know how.

The same is true whenever God begins working in our life or when He’s preparing to do something really significant. There are so many days when it seems as if nothing is happening. Maybe you have been praying for a specific need or a friend who’s going through a tough trial. Sometimes we wonder if God is hearing our prayers when there’s little or no visible results. Maybe everything seems brown and dead in your life today and it looks like nothing good is happening. If that’s the case, I hope you will take some time to appreciate the spring flowers and remember that a lot is going on long before we ever see the first signs of life.

Just because we can’t see God working doesn’t mean He isn’t working. Just think of all those amazing spring blossoms. They were a long time in coming, but they came. And so will your spring if you keep you eyes on the one who has created it all!

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5 thoughts on “GOODNESS GRACIOUS

  1. Thank you for those words of wisdom. I’m in the midst of God working some things out in my family. It is stressful at times but I’m trusting in his sovereignty and will for my family.

  2. I love reading your articles. This one touched me and reminded me of my grandmother’s love for God, and flowers. It’s come to me late in life. I retired and my grands kept me on the road until they grew up. Now is my time of growing things. My husband is also a Baptist pastor by the way.

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