Letter to Ms. Hoover

Leadership is the process by which a person influences others to accomplish a goal or goals, and directs the organization or team….”

Ms. Hoover, please, will you ever just take your ”ball” and go home. I read this diatribe searching for the element of ”Blame Game” which you so boldly referenced in your title without finding anything of note, notwithstanding your personal attempts to sling mud. Your premise loses all credibility with your thinly veiled attempts to undermine the Parish President. You did the same thing with the previous Parish President. The common denominator is not the office of the Parish President, but the person sitting in your seat. It is so exceptionally rare that any government body would continuously have members elected and re-elected whose personal agenda was so disharmonious with that of the body on which they serve. No, you wouldn’t want to play to the old ”Blame Game,” but your comments today are shallow and seem self-serving. Whatever it is and whatever it was supposed to be, it fell short of leadership.

Dennis Coleman
March 25, 2021


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3 thoughts on “Letter to Ms. Hoover

  1. Letter could also apply to Salter as well. He needs to take his hatred for the Parish Council and the citizens that voted to replace the Police Jury and go home.

  2. Just as difficult as the City Council person that was finally voted out, after many many reason shown that she didn’t need to be on the council. Maybe this next year people will realize that Ms Hoover is not working for the parish, she is stalling things that need to be done. Just sayin’ folks, sometimes people make you think they have your best interests at heart, and they don’t. Sometimes it is really time for a change, and I think that time is here for Ms. Hoover.

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