CAMPTI-Four juveniles avoided serious injury while one juvenile suffered moderate injuries in a single-vehicle rollover crash on La. Hwy 480 near Campti early this morning according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

This morning at approximately 12:46am, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, Louisiana State Police, and Natchitoches Regional Medical Center EMS responded to NATCOM 911 Center reports of a single-vehicle rollover crash on La. Hwy 480 near John Foster in the Campti area involving possible entrapment and injuries.

Natchitoches Parish Fire Protection Districts #3 and #9 along with NPSO Rescue were paged out to assist.

Deputies arrived on scene shortly thereafter, discovering no entrapment.

Five juveniles were in the vehicle.

One juvenile was suffering from what appeared to be moderate non-life threatening injuries, while four others were suffering from minor lacerations and bruises.

Deputies say the juvenile suffering from moderate injuries was transported from the scene to Ochsner LSU Health in Shreveport for evaluation and treatment.

Troopers assigned to LSP Troop-E investigated the crash.

The names of the juveniles are not being released.

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  1. Personally, I believe we are too lenient on some people who drive and break the law. There are so many who drive recklessly and cut in and out of traffic lanes at high rates of speed, those who speed on narrow curving roads, and drive dangerously fast through neighborhoods where there are children on bikes riding in the streets. Then you have the red light runners, who always say well it was on caution when I looked up at it, failing to mention that was a block back. Every year we read of a nice young man, whose vehicle left the road for whatever reason, and they were driving so fast, they were killed instantly. Now we hear of teenagers out driving, a little past midnight, were in a one-car rollover crash that could have ended their lives. The accident was on March 30, a Tuesday night, well past the time juveniles should have been at home, not out running the roads. WHERE IN THE HECK WERE THEIR PARENTS AND WHY WEREN’T THESE KIDS AT HOME? I can imagine the loud music, the rowdy teens, the total chaos inside that car, though I may be wrong, but I have been around teenage boys a long time, and a number of teen girls. I know how they are with one or two, and I know how they are when you fill a car full. We need to get a handle on this folks.

    We need to quit allowing people to get away with breaking laws while driving a vehicle. which can be a murder weapon in the wroing hands. Wrong hands are attached to people who have no respect for other drivers and no respect for laws, and the laws I speak of in this case are laws concrerning the operation of motor vehicles.

    I heard the story once of a senior in high school, a pretty girl, with a nice new expensive car. She was speeding along a curving street here in town, and just happened to be stopped by an officer of the law, and she was talking on her cell phone, held in her hand. The officer gave her a lecture about the laws she was breaking, she rolled her eyes. So he felt a lecture was not the best thing for her, she really needed a ticket, and not just for speeding, but for talking on the cell phone while driving. As he started to write the ticket, his boss pulled up in front of the girl’s car, and he told the officer to put his ticket book away, and forget anything happened. I know the former officer. He recognized the girl’s last name, knew exactly who she was, and knew her daddy, a well known name in our town had called the head of the local law enforcement agency to get that officer not to write that ticket. **Please note here, it is NOT any of the heads of local law enforcement agencies at this time, so don’t go starting rumors.** Now I can’t understand why a father wanted his daughter to get away with breaking the law and driving dangerously. I would have thought he would love her enough that she could learn a lesson from this. Instead, he taught her it’s ok, because if you know the right people, you can get away with breaking the law. What he didn’t tell her that she could be driving that way some day, miss a curve, run off the road into a tree, and be dead. That is what I think of when I hear of teens driving recklessly. Why don’t young people realize that reckless driving is dangerous driving. Most of them do not have enough experience to keep the accident from happening once it is in play.

    I believe people should be punished the very first tine they are caught driving at very high rates of speed in other reckless ways. Why give them a warning, we know they need more than that. Suspend their driver’s license for three months and lose all driving privileges. Parents of minors who get caught need to pay too, because they failed to teach their child the importance of safe driving. Hit them with a nice fine that can be used to improve the roads in the area. They are not doing their jobs as parents if they buy a kid a car, and don’t teach them the dangers of driving that car recklessly. The second offense by someone driving in such a way that could kill someone or cause serious harm should be much worse, as it seems to be the only way to teach some people. It gets rougher on the parents of a minor also. At some point, if the behavior continues, they should lose their license and the car should be impounded. I know these sound harsh to some people, but folks, we have too many young people dying while they are driving, too fast and recklessly.. At 16, kids get their big trucks, their fast cars, and then fail to learn how to safely drive them. And why, why, why do parents of teenage boys allow them to put the huge tires on a fast pick-up, especially the trucks that are not as wide. They will roll !!!!! That is an accident and possible death waiting to happen. Are you parents ready for that to happen to your child. Sometimes we leave too much of the teaching to schools, and you should be in a car with your child driving. Don’t always tell them right then and there of mistakes they are making. Make note of the route you are taking, and mark on that route the mistakes made, let them study the route and mistakes when you get home. At a later date, drive the route again.

    Lets do all we can to keep our young alive and well. We love them, and they are the future..That is just my take on maybe how we can start fixing the problem of so many young people dying in automobile accidents. And I know it is not just young people. It should be something in place for all reckless drivers. No excuses accepted as to why you can’t lose your driver’s license. You knew better when you did wrong.

  2. Because we love them, kids need to be protected. When they begin to drive, please do not act like you have just given the teen a new toy. it is not a toy, it is a deadly machine. Lay down strict rules: no drinking or drugs when driving, wear a seat belt, obey speed limits, and act cautiously.

    These kids were lucky. But it must be a learning experience.

    Two work experiences in ER. One was a teen who had been drinking ran off the road and hit a tree. He died in the ER. Then had to go help with telling the mother.

    The second was a toddler whose mother did not strap him in his car seat, she ran off the road and the baby was thrown from the car. After fighting and fighting to save him, we lost him. His mother lost him.

    So there is a time to be sympathetic and a time to use the rod, and a time for both. But time to prevent this unnecessary loss of life is all the time.

    • That’s a real POS question and reflects heavily on who you are as a person. The parents need to be held accountable no doubt. But hurt kids and all you’re worried about is citations. Do us all a favor and go smother yourself.

      • So you don’t care if laws are being broken? Are you one of those that bewail and bemoan the problems of society but think nothing of making excuses so that lawlessness festers? Do you like news stories that give all the facts or sanitized to somehow protect the public’s sensibilities? At any rate, I’m sure before your personal attack on me you considered the possibility that If the curfew had been rigorously enforced in other instances, then maybe the hurt those juveniles are experiencing now would not have happened and if citations had been issued in this instance it could serve as a learning experience for others.

        BTW your opinion of me “as a person” means so much coming from one that would tell someone to go smother themselves. SMH

        • Yep, because throwing the book at these kids will reverse the accident. Your little hissy fit did not stay on point. I never mentioned the news. Can’t recall making excuses. Yep the curfew should have been enforced. That is why I said hold the paents accountable. Did you even read what I wrote or just automatically go into a tirade because someone doesn’t agree with you?

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