On March 18 and 19, 2021 the Lakeview Powerlifting Team competed at the LHSPLA State Championships on the ULM campus in Monroe. Emma Hatten, Destinee Britt, Zoie Britt, Jagloria Ford, Serenity Bush, Addy Seay, Evan Baker, Tanner Gardner and Derek Kirts all qualified for state at the Central Regionals in Pineville in February. These lifters worked very hard and with great perseverance to overcome the lockdowns and school closures leading up to this season. At the state meet, Tanner Gardner finished 2nd in the state in the boys 132 pound class. Emma Hatten finished 3rd in the state in the girls 97 pound class. DJ Kirts finished 5th in the state in the boys SHW class while Serenity Bush and Addy Seay finished 4th and 5th in the girls SHW class. All the lifters scored points and contributed to respectable team point totals. Coach John Tabarlet, in his third season of bringing powerlifting back to Lakeview, is trying to help his lifters look beyond state to national and world competition. He insists that the talent is present at Lakeview and within a few years, Lakeview lifters will begin to take the stage all over the USA and in every corner of the globe. He is amazed with the youth of this team and the unbelievably bright future ahead. “This group of lifters is one of the most special in my 33 years of coaching powerlifting. I have been an assistant coach on 11 national collegiate championship teams and 6 world teams at the IPF worlds. I was also the head coach of a high school national championship team in another national federation. I have coached all over the country and all over the world but I had to come to Campti, LA to find this bunch of awesome kids. They are like family to me and to each other. They are special.” The Gators plan to lift in the USAPL High School Raw State Championships in late April. This will be a chance to establish a USAPL total and put themselves on the USAPL radar. People that don’t know them yet will know them then and the opportunities to go nationwide and worldwide will soon follow. “I feel like an old man sometimes but I am an old man who knows the path and knows the people who own the path that leads to worldwide competition. I tell my lifters that right now they wear lifting shirts that read L H S. But these kids that I coach deserve to trade those in for shirts that read U S A. As long as I’m still loading bars and wrapping knees, my kids will get that chance.”