City to address water bill reduction requests


NATCHITOCHES – The extreme weather conditions in February 2021 caused a significant hardship on the residents of the City of Natchitoches (the “City”) and the State of Louisiana. After recognizing the catastrophe and natural disaster caused by this unprecedented winter weather storm, Governor Edwards declared a State of Emergency on February 11, 2021. In accordance with Governor Edwards’ declaration, the City immediately started to assess a way to provide relief to its utility customers.

Understandably, the City received an abnormal number of calls from its citizens regarding high usage charges on their water and sewer bills respectively due to water leaks on the consumer end. As a consequence of this natural disaster, the City initially established a payment plan to assist the residents with the excessive bills.

In a continuing effort to further assist the utility customers, the City will undertake additional efforts to adjust their water bills accordingly. Starting Wednesday, April 7th, customers will be eligible for a water bill reduction if water usage was above 25% on the bill for the month of February 2021. The utility billing department will compare the customer’s previous usage over the last three months and confirm any excess of water usage in the amount of the current bill.

To confirm your eligibility, please contact the Utility Service Center at 318-357-3830.

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One thought on “City to address water bill reduction requests

  1. So how about the City providing details on the maximum amount that some are facing, the total excess amount on all meters affected and the number of meters? I suspect that people that took precautions or properly installed their plumbing will wind up paying for those that didn’t.

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