By Tommy Rush

Few things bring a bigger smile to the face of a teenager than pulling out their new driver’s license to show a friend. Recently, a young person in our church stopped me in the parking lot to show me her new license, with a huge smile across her face. I enjoyed seeing her excitement, but the pastor and dad in me had to reminded her to be careful and drive safe. It’s fun to pull out our driver’s license to show a friend but not so fun to pull them out for a police officer!

For most young people, the day they get their driver’s license is a milestone. There’s something about having license to drive that gives us a sense of independence and control. As much as young people get excited over getting their driver’s license, older people grieve over giving theirs up. My father struggled with dementia for several years before he passed away. I still remember the day my family had to convince him it was time to stop driving. It was a really tough day. Whether young or old, we like having our own car keys and the freedom to go whenever and wherever we choose.

For many we not only enjoy the freedom driving gives us but we also like the feeling of being in control. That’s not only true when it comes to driving a car, but it’s true of our lives. Nothing reminds us of how little we can control more than watching our son or daughter back out of the driveway without us for the first time. Someone said it’s when your heart leaves the house without your body.

A lot of people struggle in life with control issues. I admit that I’m one of those people. My wife will tell you that it’s hard for me to ride in a car when someone else is driving. Nothings worse than having a driving instructor in the passenger seat when you don’t need one. Sometimes it’s best to just close your eyes and enjoy the journey I’ve actually discovered that the time it takes to drive from Natchitoches to Shreveport is the perfect time for a good nap. There’s definitely more rest and less stress when we trust people more and let go of the need for being in control. This is not only true when it comes to driving a car, but even more when living life. There’s more peace when you loosen the tight grip on the steering wheel and give it to the One who was meant to drive all along. Maybe the Lord is saying that to some of us today, “Let Me drive. Lay your head back and rest awhile.”

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