School Board approves pay increases

The Natchitoches Parish School Board voted to raise the summer school teacher salary from $20 an hour to $35 an hour at its meeting on April 8. This will be paid out of federal funds, so it will be specific to this year alone and this is to recruit folks for the upcoming summer school that’s set to occur in a year that’s already making it hard to recruit.

The board also approved changing the hourly stipend pay from $20 to $25. A poll of surrounding districts showed that the Natchitoches Parish School District is below the average and so this will bring it up to the average.

The district’s daily sub pay was also below the area average so Superintendent Dr. Grant Eloi asked the board to increase the daily sub pay (not long-term subs who are on a higher rate) to raise the minimum from $50 to $60 a day and the maximum from $75 to $90.

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5 thoughts on “School Board approves pay increases

  1. Congratulations, BPage, OLD RN, Mad RN and AJI you all now move on to the championship round in today’s Whine Fest Competition. It will be interesting to see who ultimately wins. SMH

  2. I have zero intentions of teaching this summer MAD RN. However, we deal with sick all the time because parents send them regardless.

  3. So teachers who work with “healthy students”and can do their job in person or at home virtually are getting paid more than nurses who have to go into hospitals and work with the sick and dying… got it.

    • Please understand that this is not the normal pay for teachers. This is for summer school only for this year and for subs. We currently only have a handful of subs in the parish at this time, due to low pay rates and then you add in all the covid requirements. Would you want to work for $50 a day? If so please come apply to be a sub.

    • RN’s and other nurses have always worked some the worst hours and under the worst conditions. It must have been especially hard during covid.

      Very few say nurses are underpaid, but I always hear that teachers are underpaid. Also, university faculty had to deal with a lot of similar hardships with having to change the way they teach. When do they get sympathy?

      It is time to think about other people’s jobs, job conditions, and job pay for a change.

      I can’t help but think that rather that giving more money to teachers, that it would be better giving them more para help. This should be more beneficial to teachers and students.

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