City Council introduces ordinance to facilitate bringing fiber internet to City areas

An interesting agenda item at the April 12 City Council meeting was a ordinance that was introduced, which would grant Canterra Networks the franchise and rights to lay, construct, lease and/or operate a cable optics transmission cable within the municipal boundaries of the City and the right to use the present and future street, roads, highways, alleys, bridges, and public ways in such City and owned and controlled by such City for such purposes.

City Attorney Alex Washington said the City was contacted by a number of business owners and community members regarding the use of broadband and the possibility of having a faster system. This is a non exclusive franchise agreement.

In other business, Cedric Floyd, President of Data Center, LLC of Kenner spoke to City Council members about the possibility of performing redistricting services for the City. Within the next 90 days the 2020 Census will be released. The population of Natchitoches has fluctuated since the last census 10 years ago. These changes have not been equally distributed among the four districts so the City Council must redistrict. The cost is $18,000.


Declare April 2021 As Fair Housing Month

Declare April 22, 2021 As Earth Day. There will be a community wide cleanup initiative from 9-11 am that day and trees will be planted in the MLK Triangle.


Approve A Memorandum Of Cooperative Endeavor Between The City Of Natchitoches, The Red River Waterway Commission And The Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau To Promote The Use Of The Red River For The KingKat Fishing Tournament.

Amend The 2020-2021 Budget to Reflect Additional Revenues and Expenditures.

Enter Into An Employment Contract With Special Counsel

Amend Ordinance Number 002 Of 2021 To Correct A Typographical Error Changing The Zoning Classification From B-2 To B-3, For Said Tract Owned By Braxton Keyser, LLC, And Further Providing For The Fixing Of A Public Hearing, Advertisement, And Providing For An Effective Date Of The Ordinance.


Adopting The Budget For The City Of Natchitoches For The Fiscal Year June 1, 2021 Through May 31, 2022. Overall budget is about 8.8% less than last year. Cost and living (2%) and safety check in November of $500 are still in the budget. The City is planning on holding budget hearings. One at the City Council chambers on May 10 and two others in the community (dates will be announced).

Authorize A Franchise In Favor Of Cane River Paddle & Pedal Sports, L.L.C. To Operate A Rental Boat Business Within The City Limits (TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING)

Award The Bid For The LWCF Grant Improvements At Parc Natchitoches. Phase 1 ($136,000) and Phase 2 ($557,000). The open public space by the Parc’s entrance still has plans for bathrooms, an additional pavilion and three sets of playground equipment.

Enter Into An Amended Cooperative Endeavor Agreement With Natchitoches Historic Foundation, Which Will Provide To The Relocation Of The Roque House, Provide For The Completion Of The Downtown Riverwalk, Provide For The Lease Of The Ground Upon Which The Roque House Is To Be Relocated, And Provide For The Use Of The Facilities By The Parties

Execute An Instrument Entitled “Service Agreement” Under Which The City Will Contract For Consulting And Professional Services From Merchant Mcintyre & Associates, LLC, Related To Pursuing And Obtaining Federal Funding.


Execute Change Order No. 4 To The Contract Between The City Of Natchitoches And Regional Construction, LLC For Phase 3 Street Rehabilitation.

Give Preliminary Approval To The Issuance Of Not Exceeding Twelve Million Dollars ($12,000,000) Aggregate Principal Amount Of Sales Tax Refunding Bonds Of The City Of Natchitoches, State Of Louisiana (The “Issuer”), For The Purpose Of Refinancing Outstanding Debt Of The Issuer. This deals with two bonds in 2018 and 2019 that were issued for the Spots Complex. This will save the city what’s projected to be $295,000 by refinancing these bonds.


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be Monday, April 26, 2021.

8 thoughts on “City Council introduces ordinance to facilitate bringing fiber internet to City areas

  1. I thought some money from fiber optics was for rural areas where we are limited to very expensive sources. Will rural Natchitoches Parish see any of this?

  2. I hope local business and the city council and mayor realize that fiber optic internet services are already offered in many locations throughout the city from current providers, including EpicTouch, formerly CP-Tel, which is locally operated.

    • Sounds as if the City does not yet have ownership nor lease on the proposed location of the Roque house. I wonder whose land the house will be relocated to. Friend of a friend of someone in power???

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