A New and Growing Crisis on Our Southern Border

Royal Alexander/Opinion

No nation can long remain a sovereign nation if it cannot control, secure, and defend its own borders

It is not often we are presented in national policy with such a clear contrast—a clear connection between cause and effect—but that is what is on display on our southern border.

As reflected in the latest data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the overall tally for all illegal immigrants, of all ages, encountered on our southern border in March was 172,000, a 71% percent increase from the already high numbers in February, the Biden Administration’s first full month in office. That’s up from 103,731 in March 2019 and way up from 50,347 in March 2018. Sadly, this includes 18,890unaccompanied children, compared to 9,380 in March 2019 and 5,244 in March2018.

It’s worth asking why the number of those attempting illegal entry into the U.S. has increased so dramatically in 2021. The only logical answer is the drastic change in immigration policy in the Biden Administration.

It’s been feebly argued that these droves are the result of a “seasonal surge” of workers who seek unfilled jobs here. (This assertion is undermined by the fact that, in a political gift to the unions, there are no new avenues for guest workers who would on a short-term basis be allowed to take unfilled American jobs). Seasonal workers may impact the number but the drastic surge we are seeing can only be credibly attributed to Biden promises and policies. His words and actions have created the impression that now is the time to try to sneak into America.

Also, most importantly, why has the border wall and the fencing and technology it includes not been continued to completion? It’s clear that the area in which the wall has not been finished is where illegals are most heavily pouring into the country. The wall unquestionably slows if not stop entirely the flow of illegal activity. What video and documentary evidence there makes clear is that the surge at the border is about much more than children and their parents seeking jobs or even asylum in the U.S. Instead, the drug trafficking from Mexico has hugely increased as large amounts of drugs including marijuana and heroin have been seized at the border. This, of course, says nothing about the human traffickers and terrorists who are coming into the country.

And—while the national media often does not report honestly anyway—why has it been denied access to the southern border by the Biden Administration?(Can you imagine the screaming if the Trump Administration had denied press access this way?). The answer of course is that the southern border has become both a humanitarian disaster and magnet for illegal activity that the Biden Administration does not wish the American People to witness.

The American people must quickly demand that our federal government take the necessary steps to stop this influx and secure our borders. No immigration reform legislation has a chance until we first stop the illegal activity.

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7 thoughts on “A New and Growing Crisis on Our Southern Border

  1. There are ways people from other countries can enter this country, legal ways and I have no problem with people who enter legally. However those who just think they can come in and the US will take care of them have to learn that we have problems taking care of the people who are citizens and need help. I have never understood why we let these people in and give them so much in order for them to live here, yet there are mothers who can’t provide a decent home for their children or feed them good nutritious meals.

    They say people come here out of fear of the situations in their own countries. I believe they need to make their countries better. I don’t understand how any mom or dad could send their innocent children off to travel hundreds of miles with men who then sexually abuse the children. That problem has been mentioned time and time again, yet the people among us who believe we should allow open an open border for any and all to come in cannot see this abuse. They are blind to the fact that cartels are making millions per day bringing people to the border. They are blind to the fact that cartel members and drug dealers are moving in with all their violence, making it easier to bring the drugs into our country that are destroying so many young people. Why do they not see? Are they really that blind? Are they really that ignorant. We MUST have a way to allow some people in, but not the ones who are evil and will only bring bad into this country. They say, everyone must have a chance at a good life. These people need to stay in their countries or go to other countries, for the USA cannot support them. We are a rich and powerful nation, but we will not keep wealth if we continue to give it all away and we will not remain a strong and powerful nation if we allow people in who come only to destroy us.

    People need to look at more than just what they want to see. The things they are doing now are wrong, and we are headed for trouble. Old RN, you have said it just as most of us see it, and you are right. People need to open their eyes and stop the destruction of this country. I just pray it’s not too late.

  2. Where’s all the anti-Trump people that were having fits about how He was handling it? Haven’t heard the word cage used one time.

  3. We need to have compassion for those people who come to our borders seeking help. I am reminded of the words at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Many of our ancestors came to this country seeking a better life. Why can we not understand others with similar desires and hopes?

    • Herbert, the issue is not about allowing people from foreign lands to come here for a better life. If that was all there was, then there would be no complaints.

      Our borders need to be open to all those whom we declare will bring good into the country. We, the US must be watchful and careful about who comes to live with us. Walls are needed. Check the Bible. At the end of revelation, we learn that heaven will have walls and gates. Unless you are homeless, you have security in the form of walls and doors to where you live.

      You open your door to all who will be safe to enter, and keep your door closed to external treats.

      Read who and what is pouring into our country. Do you understand that infants and children are literally being dumped across the border with no parents, These people are called traffickers and coyotes and we cannot handle all of these children. They are being caged and neglected because there are not enough people and resources to care for them: just like when trump was president. But Trump found solutions to some of this which was successful but is now all been erased.

      Drugs from China to the drug lords in Mexico and South America are crossing our border. These drugs are laced with a powerful type of fentanyl so that overdoes are rapidly increasing and so are deaths due to drug OD here in Texas and Louisiana.

      Criminals are coming across in droves. Many have been here before and committed crimes, sent back to where they came from, and now here they come again.

      Biden’s administration gave South Americans and open invitation to come to America for free stuff ( money, health care, jobs). Even a free Biden T-shirt!!! The result has been complete madness. When you drop your national security, then anyone can come in. What is stopping the takeover of the country by China, Russia, Iran, and anyone else who wants to destroy us?

      Yes, lets welcome those who have been processed securely, and at a rate where we can safely and humanely care for them.

      At the border, Harris and Biden are nowhere to be seen.

      Yes!! Complete a wall up for safety and security and trained agents to process this transition from one country to another. Anything else is insanity.

  4. If Biden doesn’t want to acknowledge the crisis I say give them all one way tickets to DC and let him be overrun with the situation and maybe then something will be done.

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