The Gravity of a Statement

There exists great power in observation. On a very regular basis the residents of this parish can observe a deteriorating infrastructure. This ability to observe has people feeling betrayed and as if there is no end in sight, especially when considering the inability of elected officials to deliver legitimate results without some sort of dramatic display of foot dragging or name calling while clutching to the argument that we voters needs to vote in more taxes for ourselves.

Speaking of taxes, some say they are a necessary evil, others theft, others may fall neatly in the middle scratching their heads and analyzing each tax for its efficacy. The new “trash tax” that we are now being asked to vote on is one such tax that has people talking. Not just the voters, but people who are in positions of power that are lobbying to get it passed which truly causes concern. We have the Local Chamber of Commerce a former Sheriff and current State Senator lobbying in favor of this tax. For me, that is extremely concerning.

First, the tax that was in place expired. A renewal requires that one identify it prior to expiration and vote on it. Thus, and the Parish Bond Attorney verified this while in a public session, it is a not a renewal or a reinstatement, but it is a NEW TAX:

Second, the US Chamber of Commerce’s stance on taxes is as follows:

“The Chamber continues to fight for a streamlined tax system allowing taxpayers to make smarter decisions about how they work, save, and invest, and unleashing the power of American businesses—large and small—to create jobs.”
This tax doesn’t fit or support into the streamlined category and I fail to see how this “unleashes the power of businesses -large and small” to create jobs for our community. How does this tax specifically unleash the power of businesses large and small? How does this energize our economy within Natchitoches? What does the Chamber of Commerce stand to gain from having this tax passed? The Waterway Commission? The Library? Does the failure of this tax put these other institutions at risk?

Does the City of Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce think the rural taxpayers will just pay all of the cost of the “Landfill” located next to the City of Natchitoches?  

The passing of this tax will once again burden all for the benefit of a few which has been the main point of discussion since it was proposed. It was allowed to expire, oversight or not, that falls directly on the elected leadership in place that allowed it to happen. This virtue signaling by organizations and former and current elected officials to guilt people into voting in favor of the tax is very telling that there are entities who stand to lose if this tax is not passed, and its not the workers staffing the trash sites.

Pay attention to how a person behaves when they don’t get what they want from you, that is the real version of them.

Scott Stetson Sr.

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