Natchitoches: Starbucks on the way

The City of Natchitoches’ Planning and Zoning Department issued a permit to Douglas Cook Enterprises on April 20th for an Add and Alter permit of the commercial property located at 320 Keyser Avenue to become a Starbucks Coffee location.

This location has been vacant for sometime after Hardee’s closed in August of 2019.

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29 thoughts on “Natchitoches: Starbucks on the way

  1. I once tried Starbucks coffee, it reminded my of what 40 weight motor oil and battery acid would have tasted like. No thanks.

  2. Y’all can look at what other places got that’s pertaining to beverages and food haha but can’t find place for teenagers to hang out and kids ages 10-15 should have a place to hang out and party and dance and teenagers ages 16-20 should hang out and go to and chill with friends come on now this town is too busy and small to keep being in food and beverages oh and hope about malls where people don’t have to travel out of town for that would be nice

  3. This is unequivocally a positive development for this town. Starting pay at Starbucks is just over ten dollars an hour, and the company has publicly committed to increasing it to fifteen in a few years.

    By comparison, how much does Mcdonald’s start people off at? How about Dollar General or Super One? Do people want Natchitoches to be the kind of town where only the tourists and the pensioners have money to spend?

    Personally, I hope we can look forward to a Target in our future.

    • Wasnt that a CC’s, or something like it on College Ave? It was nice until the LSMSA kids decided to do their homework there, taking up all the tables and chairs for hours & not buying anything. I walked in one afternoon, they had rearranged all the chairs and a teacher was actually holding class. Hopefully this can make it.

  4. Finally! I am thrilled about this–and they are a great company to work for. They are very pro-education and very supporting of the LGBTQA+ community.

  5. Wow the spirit of Natchitoches is shining in these comments. I for one will love the addition to Natchitoches!

  6. Are they gonna be anti police like all the other libtard Starbucks around the country? I hope not!!!!

  7. Are the chairs going to be stacked and will the workers there function like the ones on NSU’s campus who, prepare every cup of coffee instead of handing the cup over to the customer, while wiping their eyes, rubbing their nose and playing with their hair behind the counter, while making customers wear a mask? Nasty. Just wondering. Thrilled.

      • Hey if you ever need a cop don’t bother calling 911 call Starbucks maybe they will bring you a double cappuccino!

      • It has been noted often on newscasts and videos by private citizens and social media how police officers are treated by Starbucks employees. If any employee is allowed to treat a customer, NO MATTER WHO THAT CUSTOMER IS OR WHAT UNIFORM THAT CUSTOMER WEARS, that employee should be terminated, and the over-priced coffee place is in essence agreeing with the rude employee if they don’t terminate them.. Based on the many places I’ve been to in our lovely little town, I wonder if they are going to get really great employees who know how to treat customers. I’ve seen too many just as Christina mentioned. Not much reason there in paying way too much money for a cup of coffee.

    • Why can we not have a nice fabric/ quilting store come to Natchitoches instead of something like this? Also, instead of making congestion worse on that side of town, wonder why more eateries will not consider going out toward the interstate?

      • Probably because the 8 people who quilt do not contribute to the local economy, whereas Starbucks will contribute a huge amount, in addition to adding needed jobs.

        • Phil, aren’t you the clever one? I guess you have never made a quilt, or know the prices of material, thread, batting, and possibly even someone who machine quilts that could possibly bring a lot of money. You are just a bit irritating in all you say. You remind me of someone else who used to mouth off.

          • I’d love a quilt!! They are awesome.

            But a liberal establishment I will not be a customer. Just like no more coke products, Amazon, MLB, NFL, any others who push defunding and/or assaults on police.

            This is tearing us apart as a country.

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