Weaver Elites Are on the Move!

Kevin’s Gallery

Natchitoches’ Mayor Ronnie Williams was joined by School Superintendent Grant Eloi and a riverbank packed to capacity of friends, teachers, supporters, and families as the first cohort of Weaver Elites celebrated their accomplishments Friday, May 7 at the downtown riverbank. The Weaver Elites is a program at Weaver Elementary School in which fourth graders are selected based upon their grades, behavior, leadership ability and teacher recommendation. The school’s 3rd graders are selected as Aspiring Elites based on the same criteria, as are second graders coming up from L.P. Vaughn.

The crowd was entertained by step teams from Natchitoches Junior High and NCHS Army JROTC. The Aspiring Elites and Elites performed as well. The Mayor and Superintendent Eloi also spoke.

This superb program is completing its first year and was the idea of third year teacher Antonio Beaudion. Coach Beaudion is a native of Natchitoches who returned to his hometown after his service in the United States’ Marine Corps. The care he displays for the young men and women in his charge is plainly evident as it is for every teacher helping with the program. Weaver Elementary School is clearly on the move to better things!

The Natchitoches Parish Journal would like to commend Coach Beaudion and his fellow teachers, as well as the school administrators who made this wonderful program happen. The Journal would also like to commend Miss Genesis Conday who is a Weaver Elite and the first ever Class President at her school. If you see a respectful, studious and hard-working young person in a navy blue blazer over a white shirt, chances are he or she is a Weaver Elite and is well on the way to a successful experience in school-and in life. Well done ladies and gentlemen!

The Natchitoches Parish Journal is donating the event photography. The families are welcome to download any photos they wish.