LSMSA holds long awaited Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2021

NATCHITOCHES, LA- The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) was unable to hold its annual Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2021 last year. Now seniors, the students’ rings were shipped to them as they attended school virtually as juniors during the pandemic. The school was excited to finally recognize these hard working students at a Ring Ceremony held on May 5.

Family members and friends watched the ceremony, held in the Treen Auditorium, via livestream. The group was welcomed by Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton and was given an opening address by Senior Class President Madeline Lorio.

“For most of us, this past year and a half has been rocky and daunting, but also rewarding,” said Lorio. “Being the first virtual students LSMSA has ever had is a title we should bear with honor. We lived through the thick of COVID – 19 and thrived while doing so…So let this ceremony make up for lost time. Bask in the presence of your peers and the honor with which The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and Arts now bestows upon you.”

LSMSA Chief of Staff, Director of Administration, and LSMSA Alum John Allen then gave the history and tradition of the LSMSA ring.

“We wear our hearts on our sleeve with the items from this ceremony, representing our experiences and feelings for this school,” Allen shared. “You’ll carry your memories from LSMSA wherever you go. The ceremony is a celebration of the upcoming closing of your junior year and your achievements thus far.”

The first Ring Ceremony was held on May 19, 1984, as a senior ring ceremony, and the tradition students experience today stems from that morning 35 years ago.

The LSMSA Class of 2021 is the 37th graduating class to participate in the LSMSA Ring Ceremony.

Each student was individually introduced by Director of Enrollment and Student Services Emily Shumate as they walked through a ceremonial ring arch on stage and were met by Horton with an elbow bump and congratulations. Students received a LSMSA lapel pin as they crossed the stage, one step closer to graduation.

“We will all leave LSMSA with the colors blue in gold in our hearts, not only because they are the official colors of the State of Louisiana, but most importantly because they are the elected colors of LSMSA; actually the other choice was blue and grey,” Horton said in his closing remarks. “You will cherish the events of this afternoon as you move into these first days of the rest of your lives.”

LSMSA offers a rich legacy and time-honored tradition of educating some of Louisiana’s best and brightest students. Interested freshmen, sophomores and juniors interested in being a part can apply for the 2019-2020 school year now at