Library’s Northeast Branch Opens New Meeting Room

For years the Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) has offered a meeting room for public use at its main branch on Second St. And with the easing of COVID-19 related restrictions, there have been an increase in reservations of late. How very appropriate then, that the Natchitoches Parish Library’s Northeast Branch (NEB) in Campti has completed its meeting room addition this month! Individuals and organizations can now reserve either location’s meeting room at

Also, the NEB is now open on Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM, making the new space accessible Monday through Saturday. In compliance with parish regulations, masks are still required, however the library has fully reopened to patrons. Full access is available to checkout books, computers, and WiFi devices, to copy, print, and fax services, and to the adult and children computer labs.

“We are looking forward to having this larger area at the NEB for children’s performances during this year’s summer reading program,” said NPL Outreach Coordinator, Alan Niette. “And we’re happy to meet local-area requests for a space such as this for public use.”

To reserve a meeting room call 318-476-3280.

6 thoughts on “Library’s Northeast Branch Opens New Meeting Room

  1. To clarify : (Danny) The Library is a function of the Parish government and a tax levied for the funding of the library. City government is totally separate.
    I believe the library tax is a ten year tax voted on by Natchitoches Parish residents when renewed. If memory serves the current tax
    has about two years before it comes up again. I think it is unlikely anything will be changed before the renewal.

  2. As much as I love books and as a published writer with three in print, roads cannot wait. It is only a matter time when a school bus wrecks trying to navigate these roads and students die as a result. Every program area in the city needs to be cut, including the libraries, until these roads are fixed!

  3. A library is never a waste of money. Libraries are vital community hubs used by many people for many different purposes. Our top notch parish library system is a sign that our voters approve of the changing role of libraries. I use the library often and am very pleased with the quality of our main library and the Campti branch.
    On a side note, the library budget is not large enough to fix any parish road.

  4. Complete waste of money. Library tax is outdated and redundant. Time to amend that little pork barrel. Library were set up during days of lack of access to learning, certainly an outdated concept in theses days. Now children can’t get to school because of impassable roads. It is past time to get this situation before the public for a vote.

    • Yes, its a waste of money. Books & reference materials are all online now. Libraries seem to be more community centers now with children’s programs, adult classes, free wifi, and entertainment. I don’t really want my tax dollars going for that right now, there are too many other things that need to be funded.

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