America’s Left is Becoming Increasingly Boss: And They Want to Shut You Up

By Joe Darby

In my first few columns since I’ve been back, I’ve written about very personal events along with a couple of lighthearted opinion pieces. Now this week I’m going to get serious. And I’m likely to make both political extremes mad at me but that’s all right. One of the things this country needs is a true variety of opinions, in which folks are not afraid to speak out.

I say that because one of my chief concerns about political trends today is the cancel culture, the atmosphere in which if you don’t agree with the principles of the far left, you don’t deserve to keep your job, you should be shunned by “woke” society and you better just shut up and be still.

People are being punished for some obscure remark that they may have made many years ago. And today’s insidious social media make it easy for the woke police to seek out and find any past transgressions against their creed. A person may have made some statement when he or she was a teenager that doesn’t meet the standards of today’s left, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a figurative “off with their heads.”

America has always thrived because people felt the right to speak out, relying on the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech. But fear of leftist reaction is putting a strong damper on that right. Alarmingly, in a 2020 survey, about 60 percent of college students feared to speak out because of the anticipated reaction of fellow students or faculty.

And, in my opinion, the more this culture persists, the more powerful it will become and moderates and conservatives will tend to sit back and allow the leftist restrictions to become more and more the rule.

I’m also disappointed in the fact that, not always but almost invariably, when a moderate or moderate conservative makes a statement that is jumped on by the left, they “walk it back” as the phrase goes, and abjectly apologize. They would do much better to stick to their guns and stand up to the woke pressure.

There other issues pushed by the left that will be damaging to this country, including the crazy out of control spending, which will certainly bankrupt this nation if something is not done. And the blind attacks on our carbon energy industry, which has succeeded in making us energy independent for the first time in many years. But, for today, I am concentrating solely on dangers to the freedom of speech.

Now, I said earlier that I will likely make both extremes mad. That’s because, while I fear the leftist policies, I also believe Donald Trump was immensely damaging to the US. People say he stands up for America. I disagree. He stands up for Donald Trump. He is an ego maniac.

He was not cheated out of victory in the presidential race and whenever he went to court his attorneys had no legal proof whatsoever. Even conservative, Republican-appointed judges came to that opinion. And he WAS responsible for the attack on the US Capitol, one of the worst incidents in the whole history of this country. He is a terribly flawed, dangerous man.

Finally, it scares me that so many Republicans still support him. I am no longer a member of that party. I have been a proud, conservative Republican for many decades. I remain a conservative. But after the Capitol attack, I changed my registration to Independent. If the GOP once again becomes the responsible, truly conservative party it once was, (and Trump is not a true conservative) I will be happy to rejoin.

8 thoughts on “America’s Left is Becoming Increasingly Boss: And They Want to Shut You Up

  1. Yes Joe Darby I read the whole post. I just wish when people talk about the Jan 6 riot they would express the other side of the other riots and how they too were outrageous.

    Specific books that explain how Antifa and BLM function can be eye opening. How they watch on social media what the right is planning in terms of any marches or group gatherings. Then antifa and BLM communicate the information nationwide as to the date and time and place so they can plan counter protests. These counterprotests then quickly end up in disruption
    with overturning tables, doxing and these can quickly increase. Love to blame the right for the disturbance. Read Andy Ngo; Antifa and Gabriel Nadalis, book :Behind the black mask. very eye opening.

  2. Yes Trump was many things and he was accused of many things that Biden also said or did.
    The capital riot- First of all, why do you feel he WAS the one who is responsible? His impeachment trial cleared him. Then do you have any idea of what the radical left has done by support of violent groups like BLM and Antifa to cities and do you agree that police need to be defunded? Do you think it is ok for BLM and Antifa to assault police, blind them and cause head injuries.? What is the difference when the left assaults police in their violence, but find it so disgraceful that the right assaulted police and killed one republican.(?) Or DID the right do that on Jan 6?? See the right stands behind the blue. They have very little prior history of inflicting harm on police. But the left actually wants them abolished, and severely punished.

    Did you see the videos I saw of the Jan 6 riot. They were on the conservative news. If you looked, they were as Antifa without the complete black bloc. They looked nothing like republicans. These news videos were removed in their cancel of the truth.

    Anyway I hope Trump never runs or wins again. I could not stand to listen to all the MSM propaganda. I could not stand to hear him blurt out ignorant statements that added fuel to this junk. I couldn’t stand to hear so much hate any more.

    As far as voting- do you think voting should be without ID and with other somewhat erratic laws? Turn off CNN. Read books. Seek the truth because our nation is in peril.

    • First, ORN, I respect your opinion, though we sharply disagree. To me there’s no doubt that Trump stirred up the mob and sent them on the way to the Capitol. It’s also very telling that conservative members of Congress asked him to make a statement asking the mob to stand down and refrain from violence and he refused to do so until it was too late.
      And I can’t understand why, because I oppose Trump, you think that I condone the leftist riots and BLM. I don’t, and I never implied that. I think those actions were terrible. Two wrongs, however, don’t make a right.
      And there is absolutely no evidence that the mob was dominated by Antifa, which I loathe. Almost every arrest that I’ve read about was of a right-wing extremist.
      Finally, I never watch CNN and I read very many books. Thanks for your comments.

      • One more thing, ORN. Eighty five percent of my column was anti-left. But you seem to have completely ignored that. That should have told you that I’m not a fan of CNN, just because I see Trump for what he was, a dangerous man. Again, thanks.

  3. Joe, it’s the extreme on both the left and the right that’s the problem! I have been an Independent for years now!Peace!

  4. I believe that most Americans feel as you do, but the Trumplicans and extreme Left groups make the most noise and get all the publicity. I too am a registered Independent. Still the Republican Party effectively “canceled” Liz Cheney in spite of all their rhetoric against “cancel culture”.

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