Boys to Men Club Tours NSU

The Boys to Men Club visited the campus of NSU on Friday as a part of their tour of institutions of higher learning.

While on campus, tour guide Matt Craig gave the guys a broad range of sites to see, including UP1 dormitory and the Columns Apartments.

The guys then toured the WRAC Intramural, Student Union Ballroom, and did some walking around the University.

The guys also got an opportunity to visit and play some games in the newly opened Gaming Room within the Student Union. The tour ended with the guys going to the newly renovated Steak & Shake dining facility located next door.

Some great take-aways were given to the guys to include a presentation, NSU t-shirt, NSU lanyard, and some other items.

As a part of the club’s mission, Director Jermaine Thomas says that “it is all about exposure for these guys. It’s important that these young men be presented with the information that shows them their options that are available out there. This is what the Boys to Men Club is all about, and we thank Recruiting Director Mr. Van Erikson for this great opportunity!”