“What is an SAE?”

Written by Katie Bedgood, Lakeview FFA

SAE stands for supervised agricultural experience. An SAE is part of the agricultural education three component model which also includes classroom/laboratory and FFA. SAE gives students work experience in different agricultural careers. There are many different types of supervised agriculture programs which include placement/internship, ownership, entrepreneurship, research, school-based enterprise, and service learning.

SAE is not only giving students work experience, but students also use their SAE to gain recognition for their FFA chapter by completing a proficiency award application that logs the student’s hours, skills, and monetary value. Students can do anything for their SAE project from having a YouTube channel sharing their experiences in agriculture and FFA to raising cattle. To vermicomposting to flying drones.

My personal SAE is agriculture communications. I write and educate people about FFA and agriculture education. I chose this as my SAE because after competing in the Creed Speaking Leadership Development Event, I decided I wanted to continue learning about our organization and sharing that knowledge with others. This SAE project could eventually lead to a career in journalism, public relations, and marketing.

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