By Tommy Rush

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time watching a house renovation. Not one of the house renovations on television, but a renovation of the house that will soon be my family’s home. When we first purchased the property, we thought the house needed to be bulldozed down. It looked pretty rough and we couldn’t see much hope in it. So my wife and I turned to a couple of contractor friends for advice and both of them believed something good could be done with it. They convinced us that the house had potential, so we took the advice and went to work.

My family, along with some very special friends and neighbors have torn out walls, ripped up floors, pulled down ceilings and made more than a few trips to the Natchitoches Parish landfill. My granddaughter told a friend recently that she had pulled out over a “billion” nails with her hammer. Some days are exciting and other days I wonder if I’ve lost my mind. There was not much left after all the demolition. But things have really changed since the “builders” started rebuilding!

This week I watched the builders frame our roof. I’ve seen a lot of construction take place in my life. I’ve even seen prefabricated trusses placed on a house. But these men actually built the roof the old fashioned way, one board at a time. I was told the process is called, “stick framing.” It was fascinating to see these men, who definitely knew what they were doing, “build” this week. It’s probably an understatement to say that I was impressed with the carpenters and their work.

There’s another carpenter that I’ve been fascinated by for many years. Of course I’m talking about Jesus, the Master Carpenter. He’s been redeeming and restoring lives for over 2000 years. Some carpenters are great at rebuilding houses, but Jesus is the master at rebuilding the lives of people. There is no life, family, future or heart too broke or messed up that is hopeless in His eyes. You will never hear Jesus use the word “bulldozer” as an option. He’s the Master Rebuilder!

You may have experienced His rebuilding grace and goodness in your life. If so, share your story and be a blessing to someone who needs to hear it. Maybe you’re someone who feels like your life is about to cave in or you have lost all hope of every changing. The Bulldozer is not a good option. It’s far better to place your life in the hands of the Master Carpenter and trust Him to rebuild your life into a testimony of grace. I promise He has a plan and He is ready to begin rebuilding if you will trust Him.

4 thoughts on “GOODNESS GRACIOUS

  1. Good article! It is the fact that we give ourselves over to the Master Carpenter that good things begin to happen in our lives. Our ” reconstructed” nature isn’t something that we should become comfortable sporting for others to see and congratulate us on, but its purpose is for us to share to those we find in need.

  2. Lately I’ve been wondering about my life. My husband has Stage 4 cancer and we have fought a good fight for over 3.5 years. But I see where our time together here is short, and I am okay with that. I will miss him when he joins our Father in Heaven, but I also know he will be no longer in pain. Thank you for reminding me that The Master Carpenter has more plans for me and will help me build a new Testimony of Grace. Amen

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