School Board set to vote on consolidation – TONIGHT

The Natchitoches Parish School Board will vote tonight on the proposed consolidation of the Cloutierville, Provencal and Marthaville districts in to a single New District 11.


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21 thoughts on “School Board set to vote on consolidation – TONIGHT

  1. We asked that the board to just look at it and reconsider their decision . I only speak for myself, and I feel after a retreat to Grand Bayou a decision was made. Who paid for the retreat?? Just step back and look at a plan that would be beneficial to all. I tried to call several board members prior to the meeting, only to hear mail box full , not taking calls etc. I am not the only person who received this message. Time limits of 3;00 minutes were enforced from the floor about the school. Ms.Morrow and Mr.Winston spoke 20-30 minutes..That was not fair. Just wanted to point that out!!! We are not going to sit back in our rural communities and let the town of Natchitoches totally consume our towns..Thank you for allowing me to speak on this!!

  2. Donna Mason, from what I’ve understood, the people at the south end of the parish wouldn’t vote on increasing taxes to sustain their school, where the people of Marthaville have. They also voted to pay a higher millage than the other two districts do, or did. Am I wrong? Sounds like some of the south ends woes were self-inflicted. The people of Marthaville just want all options looked at. This was rushed, and needs explored more than these board members have done.

    • You are wrong! We had our BRE tax in effect when the school was closed. It just expired the year after it was closed. It was at 7 mills and because the board and superintendent would not approve the repairs that were requested the last two years the school was open, that was one of the things they used to close the school. The board members that wanted to close it made an issue of maintenance that was not replaced or repaired!
      We had an excess of funds in our tax money and that was taken and given to Provençal. So don’t believe everything you hear Mr. Anonymous!!

      Donna Masson

  3. I pray they vote No!! Leave 10 alone, this will not benefit our children any. You think it will draw more kids back! Well I think your wrong , because the same issues will still be present. Parents will continue to cross parish lines or send their kids to a private school. Let’s table it and come up with a better solution.

  4. The school should be built as close to Robeliene-Marthaville as possible. The southern part of the Parish is dying off and just what are the total number of students that come from south Natchitoches now that would justify making the vast majority of students have to travel essentially the same distance they are traveling now to the new school. They didn’t have enough students to keep that school open. Put Cloutierville in with Natchitoches . While they are at it does Payne still go to Lakeview-Fairview Alpha schools. Why does Natchez go to Provençal. The whole Natchitoches Parish system need a reboot based on the current and future needs of students. Build the damn school in the western part of the Parish where it belongs and give those communities back what was stolen nearly fifty years ago. Again I would love to see the numbers of where students come from now and the growth projections that would tell you just where this school would serve the most students most effectively and the Waterwell Rd location at it.

    • Then let’s take our industry and business and just move into Rapides Parish. The last board closed our school which by the way had MORE children in it than Marthaville. So maybe we need to look at sending the students in their Elementary Jr. High to Provencal and Natchitoches. That’s what happened to Cloutierville, the powers that be moved the lines around and sent some of our kids to Natchitoches, and some to Provencal. Our citizens had to accept that! Marthaville seems to think if they hold out long enough they will get their way! Too bad, that doesn’t work. Not when you have a little over 200 kids in your school and have for a while now. That’s why there was a push from certain board members to close the only school south of Natchitoches with over 320 kids in attendance at the beginning of that year. They were in a hurry to do so before the true enrollment of Marthaville was discovered. The talk centered around Goldonna as being low, when Marthaville was just as low. Plus the condition of the Marthaville buildings were in worse shape. So sad that we were told by the rural board members they would never vote to close a school. We had confidence in them, and they stabbed us in the back. And I know who was the LEADER OF THE PACK!!

      • 1. Marthaville has close to 300 students.

        2. Everybody just underestimated these people. They will fight for what’s right.

        3. Still salty about your loss, I see?

      • Mrs. Masson,

        I have publicly stated to you that I am so sorry your school closed. I hate that with every ounce of my heart. I know the threat of my school being in danger has struck a fear in me that is overwhelming.

        Having said that, attacking another district’s school that services their children is not the way to approach this. Nobody in Marthaville has wished any ill will on Provencal school. If Cloutierville were still open, there would be no ill will thrown in that direction, either.

        If you are going to take that avenue, though, stand by your words. I just finished watching the recording of the Board meeting where Cloutierville was voted to close. You spoke first from the public. In that speech, you stated if Natchez children were rescinded from Provencal, you’d have enrollment numbers of 222. I’ve also pulled the Louisiana Legislative Audit from that year. There is no mention of your surplus of funds. 7 mills is a far cry from the 20 we pay now. At your property tax levels, that is a little over $250,000. Mr. Waskom has told me you need around $350,000 to maintain a school properly.

        Again, I hope all these children in the Parish are presented with a suitable solution. Our babies are the ones being treated as if they are worth the price per child dollar the school board puts on them. I believe that was an argument Cloutierville people used in that meeting and I can say with my whole heart I agree with them. Then and now.

        • So you mean to tell me Mrs. Donna Mason has contradicting statements from where she spoke at the board meeting when Cloutierville was voted to be closed and on here where she states how many children were in attendance at Cloutierville???

        • Since the school system is a business, the cost per child must be a prime consideration in services provided and the physical plant used to educate them. That may seem a crass way to view the situation but any other view based on feelings leads to this useless arguing and ultimately leads to bad stewardship of our hard earned tax money. Sadly it all comes down to the availability of funds in a State where people don’t want to pay for a level of service they want.

          Unless and until we are ready to change the manner in which our schools are funded these useless fights will continue.

          • I understand that costs are a determining factor when making decisions like this. However, my child isn’t a cash cow. Neither is the school that we love.

            Our district wasn’t struggling. District 10 is almost on par with Lakeview’s district. We bring in less by only a thin margin. They’re maintaining 3 schools on that budget.

            We funded our district.

    • The South part of the parish is dying off? Are you blind? Have you not seen or noticed the new construction and industry that is in the South part of the Parish? Misinformed to say the least.

      • Since you know so much about it, where is this “new construction and industry that is in the South part of the Parish”?

        • Marco is the largest pulp wood plant in the south east United States. Is this not the south end of the parish? Louisiana crawfish is the largest crawfish shipper in the country. Isn’t this the south part of the parish? Little Eva plantation and gift shop one of the largest pecan fArms. All in the south end of the parish. Take a drive through Lambes Gin and Beau Riviera and look at the houses being built. Do you get out much???

          • Thanks for information backing your point. It may be a change in the direction of the post but I hardly consider your examples as a counter to Paul’s argument especially when those businesses have been there for decades and the houses being built don’t materially increase the school age children numbers. The real question is how many children are in the south end of the area you tout? Any look at the data shows that the number of students enrolled from those areas are stagnant if not decreasing. Remember Cloutierville was closed due to a decrease in enrollment through the years finally bottoming out at 105. And those numbers are what drives the location of schools not the number of businesses or houses. So there may be businesses and houses but their mere presence does not indicate growth. Minor point for your education, Martco is not a pulp mill.

  5. Just throw this out and do more research on it. Everyone knows none of the board members have had time to “put their heads together” on this. No looking at a map and searching for all the land that NPSB has and the locations. The end will not be good if you go forward, remarks has been made and emails have gone out. Do the right thing, void it and start over……

  6. I am praying the school board votes NO to consolidate the 3 districts! This consolidation of all 3 doesn’t benefit the western side of the parish at all! Consolidate District 6 & 8, allowing Cloutierville to help Provencal as it should! The western side of the parish, District 10 would only be helping to pay for a new high school on the southern side of the parish, nothing more! District 10 already pays 20mils! Provençal 14. Cloutierville when they did have a school and pay in, 7mils!

  7. I am praying that the board votes to consolidate these three districts ! It will create the best plan moving forward for the students in the western and southern part of our parish. Working together , the needs of our students and future students can be met more efficiently!

    Please let the board members know you support this plan! The future of our students depend on it!!!

      • I care about the entire parish and ALL the students! I am not one of those who want to pause progress for only a few in one area! Sad, so sad!

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