Goodness Gracious

By Tommy Rush

If you asked my eleven year old grandson to define summer in one word he would answer-FREEDOM! In fact, he could probably describe summer by what it was not before he could tell you what summer is. Summer is not practice, homework and school projects. It is kickball games in the front yard, cannonballs into the pool and sno-cone syrup dripping down your chin.

​I think there is an unspoken consensus among children that the boundless anticipation of this season is sacred. I’m sure even as an adult if you were asked to describe summertime your mind would immediately go back to a carefree time of life. Maybe summer for you is the feel of your bare feet in a creek bed or catching fireflies in a jar. Maybe its hours spent shelling peas or lemonade on the front porch. Summer is a season of freedom.

​Freedom is a tricky thing though. Just this week we remembered all the men and women who have lost their lives for our freedom. Each year we kick off our season of freedom by remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free every day. Freedom is a heavy load in light of Memorial Day.

​You may think of recklessness when you hear the word freedom. Maybe even rebellion. Freedom could have a negative connotation in your mind or be something you think is completely out of your grasp.

​I would argue that true freedom comes only from knowing Christ. John 8:36 tells us, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Free indeed. True freedom doesn’t begin only when the bell rings on the last day of school and it doesn’t end when the leaves begin to change in the fall. True freedom comes from Christ who sets us free, free from sin and free from bondage. Free to live the life he has for us. Free to enjoy those carefree days of summer.