The City of Natchitoches participated in the 2021 LGCF Cleanest City Contest on May 21. The Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. hosts the contest each year across the state. There are three volunteer judges that rate each city on cleanliness. Each city is judged in its population category.

Cities are judged on the following:

Public and/or municipal buildings
Parks, recreation areas, and cemeteries
Business establishments
Residential areas
Streets, sidewalks, posts, neutral grounds
Vacant lots
Community involvement
Book of evidence showing cleanup efforts
Overall impression of cleanliness
The purpose of the contest is to clean and beautify the cities in Louisiana by raising awareness of the litter problem across the state. The LGCF feels this can be accomplished if we all work together by getting communities involved in the contest. Other ways are by cities holding clean up days along with education on litter abatement.

The LGCG State Chairman is Jean Gilstrap from Farmerville. The judges are: Roxanna Champagne, LGCF State President, from Lafayette, Margaret Jarreau, member of the Marksville Garden Club, from Hessmer, and Ann Smith, District V Director, from Marion.

For the 2021 LGCG Cleanest City Contest, the City of Natchitoches won second place. We are excited to have won this award considering the heavy and unexpected rains we have received over the last month. We thank the residents of our great city for their efforts in keeping their property’s clean throughout the year and encourage everyone to make a conscious effort to reduce litter in our community.

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  1. Don’t see how. They visited the areas that were pointed out to them. They should’ve viewed the whole city. Trash, run done buildings, etc. From reading the article look like they only voted the down town area.

  2. They didn’t go far enough. They viewed what was given to them to view. View the whole city & then vote. Trash every where. Now have a vote on the roads..

  3. Yes of course we won! In the city where almost daily I pick up trash off the street in front of my house that people throw out the window of their car while drive by. Or the beautiful parks where at the end of the community sporting events you can look back at the sidelines littered with water bottles and trash
    That our wonderful community members left behind!

  4. The city of Natchitoches consist of more than two or three streets the judges see, so saying the city won is untrue because if they went a little further to see the grass, the trash, the worn out construction all over Natchitoches is part of the city, they would have rephrase that to downtown Natchitoches, not the city.

    • It took some digging, but It appears that West Monroe was the first place in
      the H. population group.

      • Sorry thats not not correct Natch. is in the H. division and West Monroe
        is in the G. It does not seem to be in a news release that I can find.

  5. They must have only looked downtown & not along parish roads where trash is littered daily. Having only moved here some time ago I was amazed at the amount of rash on the roadways. Pathetic!

  6. The judges must have been blindfolded during some of their tour or the rest of the contestants were really bad.

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