Amended bill of indictment brings Hannah Barker up on additional charge of conspiracy to commit murder

Hanna Barker (Baby Burning Case)

Hannah Barker was arrested and arraigned on an amended bill of indictment on June 10, charging her with conspiracy to commit murder in the burning death of her infant son. Judge Desiree Dyess set bail on the new charge at $60,000 on top of the existing $1M bail on the pending murder charge.

It’s presumed that the alleged conspiracy to commit murder occurred with Barker’s co-defendant, Felicia Nicole Smith, who was the alleged perpetrator of the actual murder. Although both individually face first degree murder charges that carry life sentences, District Attorney B.J. Harrington seeks the death penalty against Hanna Barker only. The next hearing date is on July 15. It is unknown whether this new charge will delay the trial that begins on September 27, 2021, with jury selection from St. Landry Parish.

Jury for Hannah Barker trial will come from St. Landry Parish


Bill of Indictment for Hanna Barker filed Nov. 9

12 thoughts on “Amended bill of indictment brings Hannah Barker up on additional charge of conspiracy to commit murder

  1. Really, really horrific story! A young girl with seemingly no support, no money, no help, etc lost her mind! You can’t be all there setting a baby on fire! The logic and reasoning of the brain doesn’t fully develop until age 21…and can be later with ADHD and mental health disorders. In my opinion, this girl’s issues were there long before she had a baby. The accomplice more evil and accountable. However, was she abused, neglected, on drugs, etc.? Only God will be able sort this out…sickening to say the least and unimaginable to those mentally and emotionally healthy😢😢🙏🙏! Prayers for those engaged in the trial…unbearable!

    • Stop making excuses for her, which, she has had more than enough, they’re both EVIL and couldve suffered the same difficult path in life as you stated in the beginning. Blk folks have mental isssues as well ma’ma.

    • Plenty of people suffer from mental disorders and they don’t have their child burned alive. Stop using mental illness as justification to murder an innocent baby.

  2. I’m glad to know they are going for the fullest extent, but they need to be going to the fullest extent with the one who actually set him on fire also! It was conspiracy between the 2, so why aren’t they putting that charge on both, plus death for both? I can’t imagine a mother wanting her child murdered, especially by setting him on fire. But the one who actually did it and LEFT him! There is no excuse, no making it ok!

    • Yes I think both of them should be held accountable with the death penalty. The one whom set him on fire should get the death penalty too! That is worse than the mother wanting to kill him. This other person actually set him on fire.

  3. The district attorneys need to start working a few more hours a day. This tramp should have already been convicted to the fullest extent of the law. The dragging out of this process is just sad. Very inefficient…..

  4. I am glad that this “case” has not been forgotten in the length of time that it takes for the system of justice that we have to prosecute this case. I can still picture the photo of that sweet baby boy in my mind and the thought of the manner of his death is devastating. I cannot imagine being one of the first responders to that scene or the ER staff that tried to save his life. They must be haunted by those images, smells, and sounds. I’m an old lady and I don’t need or want to take care of babies anymore, but I swear if she had come to me and said, “You have to take my baby or I’m going to kill him,” I would have taken Levi without hesitation. I truly believe anyone would have.

    • Same here! Or would have helped find him a good home. Especially in the horrible (there is no appropriate word) way they murdered him!

      • NO one should EVER kill a child. Just ask someone f they will take them and raise him or her. Levi didn’t have to die and worse be burned alive. I would have taken him and given him a very good loving home.

        She should not be allowed to ever get out and have anymore children.

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