He’s Completely Vaccinated and Ready to Face the World

By Joe Darby

So, I got my second vaccination shot this week and it seems — as often happens with me — that I’ve sort of done things backwards from most folks.

Everyone has heard that the reaction from the second shot is more severe than that of the first. Well, not in my case. When I got the first shot a few weeks ago, I had several days of fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, stomach upset and some loss of appetite, the very symptoms that go along with the Covid virus itself. This week I got my shot Tuesday. On Wednesday I was feeling pretty low, with fever, but by Wednesday night I was feeling better and the fever was gone. I’m about back to normal as I write this Thursday.

I think there’s a reason for this pattern in my reactions. I actually had the virus in October and while I never had serious problems breathing I felt quite sick, with all the above mentioned symptoms continuing for some weeks. And I have heard, that if a person had the virus already, the first vaccination shot produces more powerful symptoms than it does for folks who hadn’t had it. That was exactly what happened in my case.

So, anyway, it’s done and now I am confident that I am pretty well protected from those evil little bugs that have disrupted the whole world for so many months. I must say I can’t understand why anyone would not want to get vaccinated. In the last couple of centuries, vaccines have saved many millions of lives and have wiped out terrible diseases that plagued mankind for hundreds of years. We no longer have to worry about smallpox and diphtheria, just to mention two diseases that vaccines have conquered. Both of those were universally dreaded and struck down people of all walks, rich and poor, kings and peasants, city folk and country folk.

And I remember the “miracle” of the polio vaccines, which were developed in the 1950s. Prior to their availability, my mother worried every summer that I might contract the terrible, crippling disease. She warned me to stay away from mud puddles, which in the folklore of the day, was believed to be a source of the polio germ. Who knows, maybe it was. Anyway, I remember getting my vaccine, in the form of a sugar cube. From that time on mother breathed easier in the summers and I could play in a mud puddle if I wanted to.

There are also vaccines that protect against age-old childhood diseases like measles and mumps. I had both of those when I was little, but fortunately they were only of moderate severity. One of the childhood memories that has stuck with me after all these years was of me looking in a hand mirror when I had the mumps. My whole lower face was so swollen I looked like a Mexican water jug. I couldn’t believe that it was actually me in the mirror.

I also remember when I had measles and my bedroom was kept darkened because it was believed light could cause eye damage. Maybe it could have. I understand that severe cases did result in blindness sometimes.

So I say hail to all those researchers over the years who developed vaccines that make our lives a lot safer and easier. Without them, a lot of us wouldn’t be here because we or our ancestors would have succumbed to one form of virus or another.

17 thoughts on “He’s Completely Vaccinated and Ready to Face the World

  1. I say to each their own. Some people I guess need it and feel secure from getting it. I understand their reasoning. But why are those that refuse to take it being subject to rude comments about not getting it. Just like the mask, which I am sorry I do not wear because it is my right not to. This nation is so divided and I am frankly sick of peoples rude comments and opinions about those that refuse this vaccine. I nor my family will be getting this shot. That is my right and I respect those that do get it. So please show the same courtesy to others.

  2. I understand both sides of the coin. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll do me and you do you.
    This country is becoming so divided its scary.
    Coexist and respect each other.
    If we all thought the same how boring would life be.

  3. Joe Darby, just remember no matter how hard you try to help people, you are fighting a tsunami of ignorance! Peace!

  4. Thank you for your reflections. I remember as a child my mother bringing us to the local health unit for various vaccinations. Like you, I am grateful for all the advances of medical science. I have also received both of my vaccinations.

  5. Why the hell would anyone get a vaccine for an illness that they have already had? I guess people have fallen for the old asymptomatic transmission / let’s protect the unvaccinated hustle. SMH

    • Because the protective antibodies last only four to six months in one’s system after having had the virus.

        • Who is it that said the natural immunity after covid infections is 4-6 months?

          From my long ago course in Micro 101, natural immunity is pretty much for ever. Mother’s who had infectious diseases and recovered, were able to transport the immunoglobulins to their newborn which usually gave the infant about 3 months of immunity. Didn’t seem to matter how long ago the mother had recovered from this infection. And whatever happened to taking blood transfusions for the natural immunity of those who have developed these after an infection. The antibody infusions were reported to have helped people with active cases. I heard about this therapy in the beginning of the pandemic. Is it still in use?

          Some of those who have had the disease and get the vaccine have reported serious reactions. That should tell you something.

          I see no source of information about covid that is reliable from the “leading expert”. And that is evident from this discussion.

    • Because people are scared to death of everything in this world. And they believe anything thrown their way.

  6. Thanks Joe for your article. It seems we both experienced the same childhood diseases, symptoms, and recovery. Fortunately I did not react to the COVID-19 shots as you did. Thank our Lord.

  7. Thank you for your comments on the importance of getting the Covid vaccine. Maybe it will influence some of our more conservative friends to be vaccinated. Not only is the vaccine the path to normalcy, but by protecting adults it also protects our children and grandchildren who cannot be vaccinated at this time.

    • Since when did your health become my responsibility. It is not about being “conservative” or liberal for that matter nor is it about being anit-vax, I had all of the childhood vaccines when I was a kid in the sixties and don’t regret them but those were true vaccines that used dead or weakened viruses to illicit an immune response that was permanent. This “vaccine” is gene manipulation and EXPERIEMENTAL and not approved by the FDA and I won’t go into the manipulation of the test data. Get the jab if you like that is your right but it is not those of us who are cautious about medical experimentation and the government/pharma cooperative that are preventing your return to normalcy. Besides C-19 has almost a zero percent fatality rate on children under the age of 18 so why do they need the vax anyway?

      • Victor, I , for one, agree with your statement. I concur even in the face of the self ascribed “intelligence” judge and jury, the great all knowing, all seeing Randy Stellys statement overtly calling those who chose not to get jab as being ignorant.. Pile on Lady Blue Dog with her/him/it’s judgement implying conservatives need to get the jab and bingo, you have the daily double.

      • Victor, I like your reference to the manipulation of the test data. It has been contradictory from the beginning.

        First, the results showed 90 % effectiveness. Now we still are encouraged to wear masks in a few places. I can’t believe masks are still required in some places even with vaccination. This happened because of “new data”. I just don’t believe it. If Fauci were to say all is well, he would be out of a job. He needs to be retired.

        Then, nursing homes that still prevent you from visiting your friends inside the home. I can’t believe there are any who have not been vaccinated and those who had the virus and survived were still vaccinated. I believe they do not want visitors because of what visitors see when the go into a facility- the neglect. So much easier to hide under the cover of false information.

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