The River Blackout Bingo – Jackpot Starts at $200.00 Thursday morning

Join Trini & Ashley LIVE for  River Blackout Bingo!   Your chance to win begins at 7 am on 94.9 The River.

JACKPOT $200.00

Here are the number from Tuesday and Wednesday:
July 6, 2021
N40 N36 B5 I20 I18
N33 B4 I22 O62 N44
I19 G57 B13 G52 G49
G51 I29 O71 N45 B15
I30 B3 G56 O61 G53

July 7, 2021
G54, G50, I23, B8, N32
G48, N37, N43, I25, I28
G59, G58, G60, O68, O70
G46, O64, O72, O74, B1
O63, O67, O73, N38, N35

We still have cards!  You can obtain a card and catch up the numbers, mark the FREE SPACE and then listen to win the jackpot tomorrow morning – Thursday!

To obtain you Virtual Bingo Card:   just TEXT the following and be ready to play.  Cards are limited, so get your card ASAP!

TEXT “riverbingo” (all one word) to 21000

Trini & Ashley will start call the numbers starting at 7:15am.

If you have a Blackout Bingo, be the first caller to the River Lines: 318-581-4025.

The first Blackout Bingo to call and verify their card as a winning card wins the jackpot!

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