Beware who’s behind you

The NPJ has been made aware of two incidents that occurred recently (One on July 9 and one on July 10). Both times it involved a woman being followed by an unknown, suspicious vehicle. The NPJ reached out to the Natchitoches Police Department to confirm the incidents occurred.

We’re publishing the following accounts to make the public aware that these things happen and to please be aware of your surroundings.

In one incident, a young lady was driving home after midnight and noticed she was being followed into her driveway by a SUV. A man exited the vehicle and approached her car stating that there was something caught under her car. The young lady stayed in her vehicle and waved the man off with no effect. He finally left after she held up her phone and mace to discourage his advances.

The second account occurred as a woman was driving home from Shreveport. A black Chrysler with four doors and temporary tags stayed with her all the way to Natchitoches.

Her account is as follows:

I thought it was a bit odd because no one usually stays with me when I drive on the interstate all the way to a destination. One party usually slows up or goes past eventually. When I exited off the interstate he followed me. My concern level was rising. After several turns and putting my blinker on to turn and not following through I realized he was doing exactly what I was doing. So I decided to head to the police station. On my way there I noticed a friend in front of me at a light and I called her so she would go to the police station and I could follow her. The guy stayed following me the entire way. I was hesitant to call 911, not knowing if I was just being extremely paranoid, but I was glad I did.

When I turned in the police station there were two officers waiting in the drive. The guy who was following me actually pulled up at the house next door to the police station. He then turned around but was blocked in on the road thanks to all the helpful officers. The 911 operator stayed on the phone with me until she felt sure we were safe. Thank you to everyone who came to our rescue.

This guy was from Texas and said he got lost on his way to Alexandria. He stated that he was just following me to find his way. Obviously, his story was bogus. I did not exit at the Natchitoches exit and I was taking some back roads to try to be sure he was truly following me.

I noticed that this man wore a mask the entire time driving down the interstate. In hindsight, he almost caused a wreck with another vehicle trying to stay in the same lane I was in.

I wanted to tell my story to let the officers and the 911 operator know how thankful I am for their help. I also want to remind others to be aware of their surroundings. Always pay attention to the cars around you. Most importantly don’t hesitate to call 911, if you feel afraid of your safety.

The guy was able to leave but at least his information is documented in case he does this to someone else.

Parents talk to your teen drivers about what to do in situations like this. Such an easy conversation can have a life altering outcome. Being prepared can save your child in such a dangerous world we live in. Be sure they know where the police station is and they know how to get there, especially if they are away at college.

Thank you to all those who protect us. May God bless you all.

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  1. Thank you NPJ for sharing this! I hope this helps make people aware of the weirdos out there.

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