Louisiana Veto Override Session – Transgender Sports & Constitutional Carry – How Did Our Parish Senators Vote?

Yesterday at noon, the Louisiana State Senate convened a veto override session for the first time in modern history.

It appears the primary motivation for the legislators to return for the historic veto override session was two bills – Senate Bill 156 that focuses on transgender people in female sports, and Senate Bill 118, which would allow gun carriers to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

Senators voted 26-12 for the transgender sports ban veto override, the exact number of votes needed. The vote fell along party lines, with Republicans (including Natchitoches Parish Senator Louie Bernard) supporting the measure and Democrats (Including Natchitoches Parish Senator Jay Luneau) in opposition. “I’m convinced this bill is a solution looking for a problem,” said Sen. Jay Luneau.

In the House, Republicans will need to pick up some backing from Democrats and independents to overturn the veto and enact the ban into law.

The vote to enact SB118, the concealed-carry measure, was 23-15, three votes short of the two-thirds requirement. Four senators voted for the bill during the regular session but refused to overturn Edwards’ veto: Connick; Louie Bernard, a Natchitoches Republican; Franklin Foil, a Baton Rouge Republican; and Gary Smith, a Norco Democrat.

The NPJ spoke to Louie Bernard about his change of heart regarding SB118 yesterday. “Since the regular session ended, I had time to reflect on the manner in which passage of SB-118 would affect law enforcement personnel. Many felt this would create yet another level of risk to a job already dangerous enough. I have to respect that view.

I have voted for every piece of firearm legislation since becoming a Senator. I believe wholeheartedly in the 2nd Amendment and in the right of a citizen to carry a concealed weapon. But with great freedoms come great responsibility. Therefore, I believe that SOME level of training should be in place before carrying a concealed weapon. We owe that not only to our law enforcement community but for the safety of the general public and the individual who carries the weapon.

I totally respect the views of those who believe that no training or permit should be required. In future legislative sessions, I will support efforts to make the requirements for concealed carry less onerous to our citizens,” said Bernard.

Voting to override Gov. Edwards’ veto of permitless concealed carry (23): President Cortez, Sens Abraham, Allain, Cathey, Cloud, Fesi, Henry, Hensgens, Hewitt, Lambert, McMath, Milligan, F. Mills, R. Mills, Mizell, Morris, Peacock, Pope, Reese, Talbot, Ward, White and Womack.

Voting against overriding Senate Bill 118 (15): Sens Barrow, Bernard, Boudreaux, Bouie, Carter, Connick, Fields, Foil, Harris, Jackson, Luneau, Peterson, Price, Smith and Tarver.

The House plans to start debates on veto overrides tomorrow, and one thing is certain Natchitoches Parish will be watching to see how their representatives vote.

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31 thoughts on “Louisiana Veto Override Session – Transgender Sports & Constitutional Carry – How Did Our Parish Senators Vote?

  1. Criminals already carry without a permit. The permit only collects money from law abiding citizens. If you voted not to override John Bel Jerk, you will never get my vote.

  2. Thank you Senator Bernard for choosing common sense. To use last weeks Whataburger incident, it’s ridiculous that people think those involved should have been able to carry concealed weapons with no training and no permit, yet they required training to make a milkshake

    • What an absurd argument. I don’t recall milkshake preparation being in the Constitution but I am thankful to hear we have common sense milkshake preparation “laws”.

      • Absurd is too mild for this absurdity…..is an indicator of what we are trying to reason with. Pointless

    • I agree,I’m sure the criminals are also! Now maybe they will turn in their weapons and learn the milkshake trade

  3. With all due respect to Senator Bernard, the government has no Constitutional authority to require training of a citizen in order for him/her to exercise any Constitutional Right.

    Our Rights do not come from men and sadly too many including those that voted to sustain the veto don’t understand or care about that.

  4. Louie just lost my vote! What’s more dangerous responsible gun carriers or these road we drive on that you were going to help find the money for? You use to be special,your just another one of them!

  5. Well, I had a question on who he was before he ran for office. When he declared Republican I felt somewhat safe, but now it’s apparent that he’s nothing more than a RINO……we’ve had enough of them too. See you at the ballot booth.

    • When parents pull their daughters off of team sports due to unfair competition and possible sexual assault! This will reverse the demonic practice!!!!!

      Bam lawyers from public office !’nn

  6. Thank you Louie Bernard for listening to law enforcement and deciding not to override Governor Edwards veto on the concealed carry education bill. We do not need hot heads pulling out hidden guns in Walmart or Burger King in Natchitoches. In my 60 plus years of life, it has been my experience that people will find money whether from a grandmother or from temporarily giving up alcohol or cigarettes for something they think is truly important like the concealed carry permit. We are not asking people to give up their guns but just learn to use them safely.

    • Only a few select sheriffs (those that depend on John Bel’s patronage) in Louisiana backed the governor on this, to say that Senator Bernard listened to law enforcement as if it spoke with one voice does not bear scrutiny, as to the rest of your argument about finding money for concealed carry that is bogus as well, the Second Amendment is clear the “shall not be infringed” clause is complete. Government cannot and should not operate as though it is the source of our Rights and to require a permit for exercising a Right is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful. Should you have training and a permit to speak? Many think that you should because free speech can be harmful to others. It is not “gun rights” it is a Civil Right and it’s sad that in your “60 plus” years you don’t know or care to understand that. Senator Bernard just voted to disregard the Constitution and the protection of our rights and THAT is dangerous.

    • I have had extensive training on the use of firearms during my 4 years of active duty with the Marine Corps. This includes pistol, rifles, and machine guns. I do not think I need any more training.

    • You’re not the only one Jim. My wife has been to several training sessions and obtained a cc permit. In February she attended another training session, sent in all required paper work and payment. Her check was cashed. Still no permit. Onerous my rear!

      • Apparently he and others could care less about your safety. Criminals will still carry concealed, we can’t legally! Disappointed in his decision, especially when he claims to support 2nd amendment.

  7. Looks like we need to replace about a third of them for not overriding these bills. We have to take our state and country back and the only way is in the voting booth!!!!

  8. If there are concerns about police safety, the problem of gun violence goes much deeper than what law abiding citizens do or don’t do.

    Illegal guns entering the country- another problem with unsecured borders. Couple this with the Mexican drug cartels bringing up increasing stashes of drugs the Chinese have laced with fentanyl and this is a real concern for our police being in peril and danger. These concerns should be a priority.

    Increased crime because BLM, Antifa and defund the police movement – people not being accountable for what they do to make police’s job a living hell. And releasing these rioters just after they are arrested to put them back on the streets is another acute concern.

    Until the democrats quit trying to destroy America, we need to be free to protect ourselves.

  9. “In future legislative sessions, I will support efforts to make the requirements for concealed carry less onerous to our citizens.” I tried to explain to Louie that there are no requirements to carry a gun; It is our RIGHT to do so, and the government is infringing on that right by requiring a citizen to pay $125 for the government’s permission to carry a gun, in addition to paying for a government-sanctioned class, and losing a day of work to take it. Sounds like a way to keep the poor unarmed to me. Louisiana will always find a way to make citizens pay for things they want to do.

  10. If we base our laws on the ones criminals will follow then why have any at all. A criminal will steal anyway so don’t have laws for theft.

    Senator Bernard was absolutely correct in his vote. We have open carry in this state so if you want to carry put it on your hip.

  11. I’m glad Senayor Bernard reflected and actually listened. Training should be required to properly carry a deadly weapon. We already have too many accidental shootings.

    • You need to check your facts. Loaded and unsecured firearms is the main reason for accidental shootings in Louisiana and the country. It is a dubious argument that constitutional carry would increase the number of these shootings when they account for less than 1.5% (less than 500) per year. And spare me the tired argument that 500 a year is too many when we are talking about a constitutionally protected right. Liberty and freedom is a dangerous concept but so is infringing on the rights of our citizens.

    • How much training do you think is possible taking a CCP class and being able to carry concealed and it only takes a few hours? Find another reason.

      • I took the class but never applied for a “permit”. The only thing I learned in that class was the last thing you want to do is shoot someone and to make sure it was the last resort because no matter what you will be run throght the system. Of course preserving you life or an innocent persons life overrides all of that.

  12. “Since the regular session ended, I had time to reflect on the manner in which passage of SB-118 would affect law enforcement personnel. Many felt this would create yet another level of risk to a job already dangerous enough. I have to respect that view.”

    Someone needs to explain to our former Democrat now Neo Con Senator that criminals don’t care about laws and all this did was make the public less safe.

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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