Due to the recent, statewide surge in COVID cases, all persons entering the Courthouse will be required to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose.

Masks must remain on when walking or standing in the common areas throughout the Courthouse, such as hallways, elevators, and stairwells.

This policy will begin on Wednesday, July 28 and remain in effect until further notice.

In addition to masks, all Courthouse visitors are encouraged to adhere to social distancing guidelines meant to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Questions about Courthouse policies can be directed to the Parish Government at (318) 352-2714.

Parish Press Release


  1. The best thing all y’all can do and the everyone else is keep your head facing towards heaven and keep your faith in the man above. Arguing back in forth will each other is NOT going to solve the issue

  2. Well you needto follow ALL the people that went to medical school and not just the ones with an agenda like CDC and FAUCI. There are many , many ones all over the world that disagree with CDC and the dictators of our present government

  3. JD

    I am very much awake! I deal with this daily and with patients daily. If you don’t want to take it don’t. That’s on you. But don’t disregard the benefits it offers others. Word are powerful. Whether correct or incorrect. There should be no shaming from either side. The stats are out there. Be open minded enough to listen and read them. If you got covid and were admitted to hospital, you could potentially expose those trying to help you. Just take ALL possible factors into consideration. That’s all i’m saying. Thank you!

    • 19 people hospitalized in state is not very many. You want facts this is no more then a flu now. There are treatments. If it was so bad our democratic government would not be letting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS lose all over USA with some even tested for covid. Cant be both ways either its bad and we close border or it isnt and leave everyone the hell alone

      • D:
        Since three weeks ago there were approximately 250 patients with covid in the hospital in the state. Yesterday the count was 1,221. Check with the LDH website.

        No worse that the flu? You are very misinformed. People need the vaccine to help themselves. and to help others.
        When a person is put on a ventilator, they are in respiratory failure. They cannot breathe and oxygenate the cells of their body, They are basically dead or almost dead, This machine is all there is to keep this person alive. This is very serious. Please people stop minimizing this. People are in the hospital for weeks to months. The recovery process is very long and there are long term consequences. This is no simple flu. This is affecting all ages- children, pregnant mothers (very serious for the baby), twenties, thirties, forties, and on up the age ladder.

        Keep your incorrect information to yourself. Learn what is happening. You don’t want to be the person who is being admitted to the hospital begging for the vaccine and being told: “I’m sorry you are too late”.

  4. 8 percent of the illegals tested are positive for Covid, NY shut down when it’s number reached 3 percent. Over a million illegals that have come into the country have been processed and most are not even being tested for Covid. This does not in take into account for the untold numbers that cross without ever being caught. Open borders proves that the Federal Government is being either criminally negligent or outright phonies on this so called crisis…..what a crock.

  5. Knowledge cures ignorance! Stupid can’t be cured! Follow the science and put yourself in God’s hands!Peace!

  6. Until it hits your loved one you can’t know. Do you want to be in the 5% ? It’s not a pleasant death.

  7. There is a test for the variant. And random positive cases are being tested daily with data being extrapolated.

    Yes. It is experimental. All vaccines were experimental at one point. Yes, even measles, mumps, rubells, pertussis? Whopping cough, small pox, and the list goes on. Many of these have been practically obliterated becase those who came before us had the foresight and courage to take them. We give them to our kids without a second thought now.

    The flu statistics are still being kept.
    Adverse rxns to this are still being kept track of. There is a covid 19 vaccination hotline that does this.

    No vaccine is 100%. But it helps lessen the severity of the illness and will perhaps keep you out of hospital.

    Hospitals are past capacity….for both newly diagnosed patients and also for other critical patients without covid. They are having to be transferred elsewhere for care. Some don’t make it. They wait on stretchers for rooms or places in other cities. Stats show, from asking pts themselves, if they have received vaccine and they say no. Tjese are by far the highest percentage in the hospital now. They are SICK! I deal with it every day. I talk and cry with them. Take politics out of it. Covid is like a bird in flight. It changes it’s flight plans. It grows, matures, evolves, mutates. That’s what viruses do. They mutate. That’s why there are so many flu strains. But think on this….where would we be now if we hadn’t had our vaccines years ago? It’s time to cowboy up and bite the bullet. Think of it as resrarch and postrrity for your kids.

    Would you want a loved one shipped hundreds of miles away because a bed was being used by a patient who could have possibly prevented the severity of their own illness?

    Take or don’t take it. It’s a personal choice. I’m just saying there are alot of deeper questions to consider and their ramifications to look at…from both sides. How desperately sad that some are making these decisions and not looking at the entire picture. Even 50 yrs down thr road.

  8. If you haven’t taken covid serious up until now, you better get serious. This mutation(variant D) shows the virus is gaining power and is more contagious.
    No more age differences- The virus quickly, and powerfully attacks most all ages, including pregnant women, and even those fully vaccinated.(although fully vaccinated tend to get a milder case).

    From about 3 weeks ago, the number of patients in the hospitals with covid went from about 250 to 1,390. And these people are very sick.

    People forget about Trump. or Biden or Fauci. Follow the trends, get masked up, and get vaccinated ASAP.

    We had a chance to contain this virus, but about half the population ignored the vaccine. The outcome is that covid was able to gain strength, and become much more deadly. And it could keep on producing more deadlier variants. We have to do all we can to contain it’s spread.

    Please people- get serious!!!

    • A few questions that need to be addressed. So is there a test for the D variant and where is your data showing that these cases are of that variant? Now that we have the D variant is “regular” C-19 gone so now we just label them all infections by that variant. How many are these new cases are the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated? Where are your statistics supporting your contention, science has told us for years that when viruses mutate they get more contagious but less lethal so what has changed besides the hysteria? Why has the CDC and others stopped gathering data on the “vaccine’s” adverse reactions? You do realize that this “vaccine” is “experimental” right? Why is that? If this is a true “vaccine” then why are you worried about others, you’re protected right? What are the seasonal numbers for hospitalizations for seasonal flu and why hasn’t anyone provided that data or are we only worried about this one and why? Are you aware that C-19 has a 95+ percent survival rate without the “vaccine”? Where did the seasonal flu go last year? And finally, when did you become responsible for my health and vice versa? Everyone should be asking these questions.

      • Sure doesn’t seem to be killing anyone. Natchitoches cases don’t seem to be surging. Keep listening to jbe and fauci. You will be in the same bs as a year ago. Be sure to wear your mask while driving in your car alone.

      • Anon 7. The most important information is out there. Look it up.

        80% unvaccinated/ 20% vaccinated.
        So the deaths are not that high. But hearing of devastating consequences occurring after and many with long term healing. I’ve heard of people saying they wished they would die. Have you ever seen a patient on a ventilator? Seen the fight it takes to get your lungs back.
        I’ve never heard that mutants become less dangerous- But the fact is, this mutant is far more debilitating and contagious. There is debate where this virus came from- seems to have come from “gain of function” research. Think about the words- gain of function. This could be a virus with DNA that will continue to “gain function” as it spreads. Can’t take a chance or question.

        People for once, forget your stupid “rights” Try being a human.
        And I beg you- do everything you can do to contain this. NOW!!!!!!!!!

      • It is simple why there was less flu. A lot of people stayed at home as much as possible and wore a mask. Schools are a big spreader of the flu and virtual classes kept that source down. When it comes to medicine, I will follow the advice of people who went to medical school and study disease.

        • Well you needto follow ALL the people that went to medical school and not just the ones with an agenda like CDC and FAUCI. There are many , many ones all over the world that disagree with CDC and the dictators of our present government

      • Anon7, I think you have a misunderstanding of what a vaccine does and offers. The reason the Delta variant has the CDC and medical field concerned is because it is a post-vaccine variant which can be carried by (and infecting) vaccinated people which means that the disease has had an opportunity to mutate thanks to the droves of people who didn’t get vaccinated. In order for a vaccine to truly have the efficacy we are looking for an 85% vaccination rate of higher is what is needed in order to prevent mutations which would stifle the disease from outpacing our ability to create vaccines for it and keep it in check. This is where you can see the most success in the social media misinformation campaign against real, legitimate, founded science.

        Secondly, by reading the commentary, it appears a lot of people are prepared for outcomes they have chosen. Please humble me for a moment; when you are dying your mind attempts to make sense of what is occurring as it is happening before you finally reach a peace and let go. The issue with how you die with COVID is you are drowning, face-down, in a hospital bed, surrounded by strangers (or alone), with a tube shoved down your throat and into your lungs. It’s hard enough to process death in a normal context, but one adds a layer of complexity and suffering far beyond what is necessary to themselves and the staff who attempts to see them through the process in as humane a manner as possible.

        My family has a long history of supporting the ideals this country was founded on; freedom of choice and liberty to exercise those freedoms. My father chiseled into the core of my values that with that freedom comes great responsibility, both individual and collective. Personal health is an individual responsibility. Community health is a collective responsibility where the responsible individual contributes with equitably responsible decisions. Take that for what it is, but we will continue to have mutated variants until our vaccinated population gets above 85% in the country and I gather we’ll just sit in the comments section and complain about the rest.

        • Scott S: well said!!
          I guess if you have never worked in ICU, or haven’t been on life support, it is difficult to understand how serious this is.

          If people would read and absorb your well written post, it could be life saving. Think of the unvaccinated children, please people.


    • OLD RN I know 2 people in the icu now with it and on the vent. There’s people out there that still don’t believe it’s real and killing people.

      • There are alot of deaths from flu and many other viruses. I have had family die from it and many more didnt. Its no more then the flu now there are PLENTY of treatments if used. You will never stop ALL people from catching and dying from this now its here.

      • Yes Mike it is killing people. Right now it you look at the data the number of deaths is not rapidly increasing. Because it takes a long time for this virus to kill someone. Weeks and months for a life to fight death with covid. So watch the LDH website and see if deaths do not begin to spike in the near future. Then the long recovery and physical disabilities surface.
        This is very serious!!!!!!

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