Louisiana Hits Record COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations

Today, July 27, as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Louisiana both hit records, the Louisiana Department of Health and Governor Edwards both urge individuals in Louisiana to take immediate precautions for their own and others’ safety.

The Louisiana Department of Health announces 6,797 new COVID-19 cases reported to the state since July 26, 2021 – the second highest single-day case count reported since January 6, 2021 (6,882 cases reported that day).

Also today, 1,390 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Louisiana. That represents an increase of 169 hospitalizations since yesterday, the largest single-day increase since March 2020. There were three days in March 2020 where the increase was larger: March 25 (220), March 31 (196) and March 26 (185).

“To see this current rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations is becoming increasingly scary,” said Gov. Edwards. “We reported nearly 6,800 cases today in addition to the nearly 8,000 that were reported from the weekend. And today, there are close to 1,400 COVID patients hospitalized statewide – approximately 90 percent of whom are unvaccinated. This is the largest single daily increase since March of last year. As I said recently, this surge is on us, and that means it is up to each of us to do our part to bring it to an end. It’s within our power. Getting vaccinated is the best way to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. It is the best way to put it behind us. In addition, I am recommending that everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, wear masks while indoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. For anyone asking the question when will this end, the answer is simple: when we decide to do what it takes to end it. The most impactful tools to make that happen are free and widely available- the three safe and effective vaccines. I am pleading with everyone who is not vaccinated and is of age to make the decision today to get vaccinated.”

“COVID is surging in Louisiana and it is not slowing down. As the dangerous and dominant Delta variant continues to spread and COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to skyrocket, we urge all individuals in Louisiana to protect themselves and their families,” said Dr. Joseph Kanter, State Health Officer. “Mask while indoors and get tested if you suspect you’ve been exposed to COVID-19. These are public health emergency measures that will limit death and suffering during this fourth surge. To ultimately put this pandemic behind us we need many more Louisianans to go sleeves up, which is why it’s so encouraging to see our weekly vaccination rate climbing.”

Individuals can call the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 1-855-453-0774 to get their questions answered, speak directly with a medical professional, find a vaccine provider near them, and schedule an appointment today.

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8 thoughts on “Louisiana Hits Record COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations

  1. I just wish, for everyone’s health and safety, people will get vaccinated.
    Please people watch the terrifying trends that are unfolding now. Heed the advice of those who have education and experience of dealing with contagious diseases.
    Refer to the history books- the plague, smallpox, Spanish flu.
    The data shows we have a new covid now. Forget the old covid and other flu like viruses. This is one that infects the unvaccinated with a vengeance: severe illness at all ages and pregnant women.
    Think of our children going back to school in a bout 10 days. Those under 12 are unable to get vaccinated. Their well being is to be taken seriously.

    Your old thinking and your political views are endangering yourself and others. Become current in your information. So very much is at stake.

  2. 3 cases in Natchitoches parish last 24 hours. What a surge. Get ready for jbe to shut the state down again. Extend the free money again. Look out taxpayers.

    • Because I don’t want to get sick and possibly die from this crap that makes me a sheep? Well Because you choose not to follow the safe guards to keep you and your family safe quess that makes you an ass!

  3. I know alot of ppl that did get the shot and still come down with the covid after getting vaccinated so I really don’t think the shot is the fix of spreading it

    • Vaccinations are not the fix on spreading it, and people should stop professing that they are. However, vaccinations could be the difference between life and death when you do contract Covid.

    • Vaccinated people get a mild case!!!!!!!!! Only a few (mostly those with pre existing conditions_ get seriously sick.
      Read the comment by Scott S. in the earlier post about mask

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