The River Blackout Bingo: Jackpot Starts at $270.00 – THIS MORNING

Join Trini & Ashley LIVE for  River Blackout Bingo!   Your chance to win begins at 7 am on 94.9 The River.

JACKPOT $270.00

Here are the number from Tuesday and Wednesday:
July 27, 2021
1st set: N40 068 B7 N33 I21
2nd set: O69 N32 G56 G60 N43
3rd set: G52 G58 O72 G53 I20
4th set: B5 G47 I27 G51 I18
5th set: N38 O73 B11 G55 N45

July 28 2021
1st set: O65 I22 I23 O74 N42
2nd set: B2 I25 I19 B6 N39
3rd set: O62 I26 O61 B14 B15
4th set: B13 B3 O70 B10 I16
5th set: I30 N36 O67 O71 B1

We still have cards!  You can obtain a card and catch up the numbers, mark the FREE SPACE and then listen to win the jackpot tomorrow morning – Thursday!


To obtain you Virtual Bingo Card:   just TEXT the following and be ready to play.  Cards are limited, so get your card ASAP!

TEXT “riverbingo” (all one word) to 21000

Trini & Ashley will start call the numbers starting at 7:15am.

If you have a Blackout Bingo, be the first caller to the River Lines: 318-581-4025.

The first Blackout Bingo to call and verify their card as a winning card wins the jackpot!