Parish Council to hold Special Called Meeting via Teleconference

The Natchitoches Parish Council will hold a Special Called Meeting on Friday, Aug. 6 at 2 pm via Teleconference.

Call In Number: 425 436-6302
PIN: 780273

AGENDA: Attached Below

If you have any questions concerning any of the agenda items please email your questions to the Council Clerk at . Deadline to get questions in, 12:00 Friday, August 6, 2021. Or if you have any questions please contact Council Clerk at 318-352-2714 EXT 5.

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10 thoughts on “Parish Council to hold Special Called Meeting via Teleconference

    • Mike Casey what is so damn outstanding? Outstanding is when you do a project under budget! It is not outstanding to always have change orders that add thousands of dollars to a project! You are good at defending John Richmond! What’s up with that?

      • It is for things that were not included in the original bid! SIMPLE,! any large projects are going to have things that changes are called for. How many changes were made on that idiot front street project? Get your head out of where it doesn’t naturally belong!

        Now as far as defending John Richmond! I give him more criticism and complaints than compliments by far. This is one of the first major road projects that he’s getting funds directed in the right direction!

        You are just having sour grapes because you for some unknown reason was ask to give imput and was bypassed!

        • Randy a little more about John Richmond for your inquisitive little mind!
          I did not vote for John!
          I did not support his campaign in anyway!
          I openly supported Lee, I helped his campaign anyway I could. And still believe John is not the right man for the job!
          NONE OF THIS IS NEW!

          • Mike Casey if I have a little mind , you don’t have enough brains to fill a dimple on a pimple on a gnat’s behind! Every time you try to contribute to an intellectual discussion you weaken civilization! Peace! PS be careful I was a lot of things before I became a gentleman!

          • Why do I need to be careful because of what you were at some point! That peaks my interest !!
            And im sorry the facts really confuse you,but people like you and think like you usually are. And I’m really intrigued by what you were before a gentleman!

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