Natchitoches Parish Coroners Office: Covid Info

Some may be wondering where our parish stands on COVID-19 related deaths. Well, since the beginning of COVID-19, we have attributed 87 deaths to COVID-19. Now, this is residents of our parish only. Since beginning this current surge we have had two reports of deaths due to COVID and yes, we do anticipate to see a rise with the increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations we are currently seeing.

COVID-19 related deaths are supposed to be reported to the coroner’s office, given it falls into the “infectious disease” category. I know there is much skepticism over believing the numbers which are being published out there in the media and state. I will say this, the coroner’s office is who is certifying these cases and as such we review all relevant medical information, history, etc to determine if that was actually the cause of death or a contributor. We base our determinations after weighing in on all these factors. Every death is investigated and reviewed.

With that in mind, we do encourage everyone to mask up, property sanitize, wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer and get vaccinated. So many cases we are hearing about someone in the family exposing another family member to COVID. Some basic precautions can truly go a long ways.

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