New “J” turn on Hwy 6?

On Thursday August 5, 2021 a local concerned citizen learned of the LADOTD plan to place concrete curbing on Hwy 6 preventing vehicles exiting Hwy 3278 from turning left. The LADOTD plan is to have all vehicles turn right and those wanting to come into Natchitoches must now cross two lanes of traffic, enter the new turn lane in front of Dark Woods Park and then make a J turn back to Natchitoches negotiating two more lanes of traffic. 

Upon contacting LADOTD the citizen was told at each level that there was nothing that could be done.  The citizen contacted Senator Louie Bernard who immediately took action and started contacting LADOTD officials to find out exactly what can be done at this time.

This morning at 7:45 am Senator Bernard met at the location with a few of the neighbors and watched as people struggled to utilize the new turn lane and J turn area. Senator Bernard then arranged a meeting at the local LADOTD headquarters at 11:00 where he and several citizens voiced their concerns. During the meeting it became apparent that our local office has their hands tied as to what they are allowed to do,  so Senator Bernard reached out to Dr. Shawn Wilson, head of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and also the district office in Alexandria. According to Senator Bernard there is a very good chance that the LADOTD will pause construction for a day or two to make some time for a public hearing on the matter.

Once the public meeting is announced Natchitoches Parish citizens will have a chance to explain their issues with the changes and the state can give its side.   Hopefully, a compromise that works for all parties can be reached.

A big thank you to Senator Bernard. Without his help, the project would have proceeded with no input from the citizens.

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19 thoughts on “New “J” turn on Hwy 6?

  1. Sure would like some information about the Hwy 6 west to 3278 intersection!!!! We don’t understand why this has been created???? Hickory Village should have to be closed off as well because both roads intersect on to hwy 6 west!!!! So would like to attend a meeting so someone can tell us WHY they have just jumped to mess up the 3278 intersection!!!! People will end up getting killed because that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of doing on a busy roadway as that!!!!

  2. Looks like the same ones that came up with this idea and engineering did that crosswalk on Hwy 6 near Chick-Fil-A area ,,, this is a traffic nightmare too. Main entrance and exit to Natchitoches impeded because of this. There are 2 traffic lights around a tenth of a mile from that business area where students can cross. If they’re too lazy to walk that distance, they need to stay on campus. I’m in my 70’s and I parked and walked it with no problem.
    I agree that the plan at the 3278 junction will creat major problems. Good for all of those trying to get DOTD to consider other options.

  3. That was done at thr 4 way in Tullos. To go to Monroe, you would normally turn left, coming from Winnfield. Mow you have to turn right, go down and turn left, and left again to go towards Monroe. It’s ridiculous!

  4. Who got paid to come up with this turning lane idea and who signed off on it. We need to know what they’re thinking? None of it makes sense! Please research and make it public information.

  5. To turn right Get over in the passing lane to and go a half a block and then turn left , if there is more then 1 vehicle or 2 school busses trying to go left ? Not enough room to do this safely Makes No sense at all – there is enough room at the intersection to turn left safely-
    We also think there should be a right turning lane onto hwy 3278 instead of people riding your butt until you can turn

  6. What about the school busses leaving 3278? Turning right and making that Uturn will be a nightmare.

  7. The proposed “J” turn is total stupidity. If this goes according to plan someone will be killed in the next few months. The state needs to start putting money aside for the lawsuit that will follow.

  8. Another problem created by DoTD years ago and now they want to fix it with a lame idea. Turn right, move over into the passing lane, slow down and get into the turn lane to make a u turn into oncoming traffic. Yeah that’s safe.

    A compromise will still be a loss for residents using LA 3278. The DoTD doesn’t care, if they did a proper intersection would have been installed with the four laning of Hwy 6 years ago. BTW as someone else pointed out are they going to stop left turns out of Hickory Ridge? Somehow I doubt it.

  9. How about spending the time and money to grind down the huge bumps in the road all over natchitoches parish. Feels like the rear end of my car is going to come out when I hit one. So sick of it.

  10. Highway 6 west has become the ugliest sight for Natchitoches people coming into town!!! Is nasty on the sides of roadway!!! Now all the patchwork on the roads!!! It’s just horrible for our roads to look like they do!!! And for them to do that to the people that live on 3278 I think is terrible!!! It should happen to Hickory Village people as well they come out on to Highway 6 just like we do!!!!

    • But I bet they can show you the numbers on the costs of this work!! NOT!! THIS IS MORE OR LESS A PISSING CONTEST!!

  11. Has everyone notice the big mess that has been left after the 3.0 miles of overlay? Look at the mess that has been left on the side of the highway! Huge chunks of asphalt, some 4-5′ long and 4″ thick. Look at the mess in the middle in front of Wendy’s and French Market. Guess they left if for the City of Natchitoches to clean up.

    • What kind of BS is this!! About the French Market Express mess!! Yes I have, I live on 3191 an sometimes go on 504 to get there, although 504 is a dam catastrophe!!!

  12. They need to focus on that mess up at the interstate & leave things that are working alone!! 90% of people living in the HWY 3278 area turn left to go into town. Those who are going right towards the intersection will generally go to the Lime Kiln Rd. cut-through. Once school starts & everyone is leaving at the same time, that little turn lane in front of Dark Woods will be backed up past HWY 3278 & there will be nowhere for cars exiting HWY 3278 to go.

    If they want to help HWY 3278 residents they need to convert the shoulder to a right turn lane so we won’t get rear-ended when turning from HWY 6 onto HWY 3278.

    • YES! When they first started this project and removed the road to Dietrich’s that connected to Hwy 6, I thought that was the first step towards constructing a right turn lane into Hwy 3278, but so far there doesn’t appear to be any indication that they are going to do this. Maybe instead the legislature will legalize using the shoulder as a turn lane.

    • You know, I think since I’m making the right turn off of 3278 that I’ll just continue to I-49, get a little fuel at FM, and then take my business to Alex or Shreveport instead of Natchitoches. We’ll see how that works for local businesses.

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