Pilgrim’s to Hold Natchitoches Vaccination Clinic, Give Away Free Meat for a Year

Pilgrim’s Natchitoches today announced it will hold a free Covid-19 vaccine clinic and give away free meat for a year to one lucky winner who gets vaccinated. In partnership with the Northwestern State University (NSU) Health Services Clinic, the clinic will be held on Aug. 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the NSU Campus (175 Sam Sibley Dr.).

As part of Pilgrim’s goal to vaccinate Americans in the rural communities where the company operates, it is awarding one winner who receives their first vaccine at the clinic with free beef, pork and chicken to feed a family of four for a year. Anyone who gets their first dose of the vaccine at the clinic will also receive a free case of chicken. Nearly 55% of Pilgrim’s Natchitoches team members have been vaccinated to date.

“As we gear up for the start of another school year, it is important to make sure you’re protecting your loved ones and neighbors by preventing the spread of Covid-19,” said Mark Haecker, Pilgrim’s Natchitoches complex manager. “Come show your commitment to the Natchitoches community by rolling up a sleeve and enter for the chance to win free meat for a year.”

Pilgrim’s has promoted vaccination among its workforce of more than 31,000 U.S. employees with great success. The company’s vaccination program includes onsite clinics, paid time off, a $100 incentive bonus and a multi-lingual education campaign. Pilgrim’s wants to help raise local community vaccination rates to help safeguard its hometowns across the country.

The Pilgrim’s “Your Shot at Free Meat for a Year” sweepstakes campaign builds on the company’s Hometown Strong initiative, a $20 million investment in local communities where Pilgrim’s operates.


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3 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s to Hold Natchitoches Vaccination Clinic, Give Away Free Meat for a Year

  1. Have you noticed that the government is getting businesses to do their dirty work? Why? Could it be that if the pharmaceutical companies advertised they would be required to list ingredients and effects of the shot? Even though they are not liable they dont want that info out there.
    Several people right here on these threads have taken it upon themselves to be unpaid marketers for Big Pharma, go so far as to give medical advice and encourage people they dont know to take drugs. How irresponsible. How would you feel if someone, based on your entitled social presence, had a heart attack, became paralyzed, or died? Stop giving medical advice and encourage people to do their own research, beyond the Google headlines, and think for themselves.

    • Ingredients and side effects of every vaccine are freely available. People can do their own research but are they going to know more than medical professionals with decades worth of experience? Probably not…

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