Congressman Johnson Statement on Afghanistan

United States Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) released the following statement on Aug. 15 regarding Afghanistan:

“After twenty years of American sacrifice, the ongoing takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban is a humanitarian and foreign policy disaster. As the Taliban takes over Kabul, not only are the citizens of Afghanistan in grave danger, but U.S. citizens and diplomats as well.

“President Biden’s hasty, unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan is proving to be a humiliating failure. Rather than proceeding with a results-based, conditional withdrawal, the President barreled forward, determined to meet an arbitrary September 11 withdrawal date, and score a symbolic ‘win’ for his presidential legacy. Now, U.S. troops are being deployed back to Afghanistan to ensure the safe exit of our personnel in the region.

“The Biden Administration needs to immediately put forward a plan that prioritizes our security over political gain.”

Congressman Johnson is the Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference, a member of the House Judiciary and Armed Services Committees, and a former constitutional law litigator.

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7 thoughts on “Congressman Johnson Statement on Afghanistan

  1. Let’s be clear, the question was never as to whether the Taliban would regain control of the country again, it was a matter of when. It should also be noted that each and EVERY elected official is culpable in this human rights disaster we are witnessing.


    Because in 2012 I sat on a panel when the planning for this started. Yes, 2012. We funneled information up as to the competency on the fighting force and their ability to sustain and maintain the systems being purchased given the illiteracy in the ranks as well as the concerns surrounding the promises made by military and political leadership to our interpreters and their families that immunity would be granted for them for assisting us. The original timeline had a 2023 withdrawal date.

    President Obama was the first to manipulate that timeline. Then President Trump who did not adjust the plan, nor re-adjust when negotiations with the Taliban went south. President Biden kept President Trumps 2021 withdrawal timeline. Regardless, NO ELECTED OFFICIAL saw fit to address the crystal ball of promises made to the people who helped us for two decades there risking everything in hopes of a dream of a free nation and if not, of the American dream. These people earned that and then some and all of you sat on your thumbs and let this unfold while fighting over masks, vaccinations, and the southern border. ALL OF YOU.

    It’s a shame when a groups of retirees/veterans get together to move more people out of a country on a weekend when things get real than the elected leadership of this country. I expect better from my elected officials. No more statements of admonishment, get the people who risked it all for us here and safe or get out of office.

  2. Why should our sons and daughters die in Afghanistan? Did we learn nothing from Korea and Vietnam? Trump withdrew troops from Afghanistan and Biden finished the job. Thank goodness!
    Do you think the red elephants and blue donkeys will ever play nice again on the playground?

  3. Your district is the epicenter of COVID infections in the country.
    And all you can think about is trashing Biden because of the Taliban?
    Priorities seem somewhat confused here.
    Glad to know you’re thinking about us rather than making cheap political shots.
    Truly, a man of the people.

    • We would not be in this situation if Biden was not letting sick people in through the borders. That is why we have so many sick now. Shut the borders back down and we can combat this illness.

    • Strawman argument!!!!!
      A federal US representative like him can definitively give his take on the disastropus and improtou foreign policy such as this quick exit that can causes further vacuum there and rising of terrorism threats. Not even counting the US taxpayers funded 88 Trillions that has been invested in that region for 20 years for an end of this, this exit caused thousands of innocent soldiers and civilian lives died in vain. Mike’s priorities are in the right place.
      COVID is a rapidly mutating, and no best scientists in the world can quickly put an end to this, let alone him. He has nothing to do with combating COVID cases rise, all the hospital staffs are doing what they can as well as the preventive campaign goes.

  4. What a fiasco—-
    You’re right Congressman.
    It’s gratifying to know there’s someone who cares—really cares.
    A dear young friend of mine is being deployed to go be in the middle of that “mess”.
    Many prayers for all these dear Americans risking their lives.

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